fsm spotted in wine glass

Published October 30th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


I was sitting out last weekend enjoying a nice glass of wine when I looked into the reflection of my glass and noticed an image of His Noodly Appendage staring back at me. I think you can make it out but it becomes so much clearer when you zoom in. I’m glad I could catch this on photo so that we can all share in his glory.


Ashley Ray

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  1. Phen-- says:

    Do you not see? If you don’t believe in His Noodly Appendages, you are going to Spaghetti Hell yourself!

  2. Darkstar says:

    Oudated and inaccurate theory of evolution? What planet are you living on???

    Creation science? The two cannot even share the same sentence and be logically correct, much like ‘religious fiction.’

    And we do have THE LORD and He is known as FSM in all his Noodly goodness. Christian – you poor poor soul.


  3. Dan says:

    Alice (#6) – I have no intention of going to Hell, it’s all the way in Michigan.
    I’m interested by this Flying Cheese Burger you speak of; is the FCB your god? Can you tell us more about it, my faith in the FSM wavered recently and this could be the answer!
    Alas food does go off, it is flawed as all material things are; even when they mimic the divine creator.
    The FSM speaks to us in our minds by touching neurons with his noodley appendages. I hope one day you can also hear the voices in your head.
    I do not smoke weed personally, do you? Assuming you’re a christian (not a burgerfarian), you believe in some freaky stuff. I mean virgin birth, walking on water, water into wine, Armageddon, angels and resurrection from the dead. You ‘christians’ are pretty ‘far out’ and must be smoking all sorts of herbs!

    PS “rasta’s” should be spelt “Rastas”, “you” is the word, “u” is the vowel and sentances start with capital letters.

    Christian (#7) – I’m impressed you’re so open minded and have compared the theories of creationism and evolution using the evidence supplied by non biased websites such as creationism.org. I think you should let us know what denomination of Christian you are so we all convert to the right religion! Surely you’d hate for us to join the Mormons/Catholics by mistake (or not the Mormons/Catholics if you’re one of those).

  4. Beth says:

    do you honestly belive in a floating meatball?

  5. born again pastafarian says:

    I walked the dead-end road of dogmatic fundamentalist belief until one day, I too was drinking a glass of red wine and a vision of His Noodly Appendage appeared to me…I thought, can I be drunk and hallucinating?…but no… I was more sober than ever before in my life. I had a paradigm experience and felt the love of the monster take over my soul. Now I look forward to my final breathe on this awful earth of ours and look forward to spending eternity with all my fellow pastafarians and the Great FSM where we can drink wine and partake of his unending noodly flavor for all of eternity.

  6. Christian says:

    i did not go to any creation site, but rather i read about evolution and all its varied theories, including the theories on dinosaurs, transitional forms as well as the biochemical ways in which scientists believe it happened. Then i went on and looked into the evidence again from a different (creationist, i wont lie) perspective, and discovered the following things 1. a bone can fossilize in just a few centuries 2. that carbon begins to decay after 5000 years and therefore anything older is subject to speculation and alternate dating methods, and 3. The bible has successfully predicted the future on numerous occasions (even predicting people such as Constantine BY NAME.) Therefore I was faced with the decision. The two possible answers were that A. Evolution is right and old jewish men can somehow predict the future unassisted, or B. That there is a God, by name Yahweh, who created all things in their present state about 6000 years ago, rescued as much of Humanity that would willingly accept Him, and came to earth as the messiah Jesus Christ. I chose the 2nd option simply because evolution was not supported by biochemical evidence or the fossil record, and old jewish men cannot possibly predict the future without the help of God. And to answer you Dan i am not of any denomination because God says that denominations only serve to divide the Christians. If you wish to live forever and be truly, truly happy simply become a christian. It doesn’t matter what denomination its all the same thing. May the Lord Jesus rule over Gods people forever Amen

  7. darkstar says:

    christian –
    again what planet are you living on? (oh your own little world in your head I see!) Evolution is completely supported by biochemical evidence and is the entire basis for biology as we know it today. Fossils do not take just a few centuries to form and radiocarbon dating, along with several other scientific methods, are very established and accurate, and only becomes speculative within a few +/- 100,000 years when you are computing time frames within millions of years (and with time frames this large, give or take a few 100,000 years pretty much means little).

    Trust me, the only people who do not accept any of these things are pseudo-scientists (aka christian scientists, which is a contradiction within itself anyway) who are not well versed on the scientific process and ignore what they don’t want to disprove their belief system. Believe me, there is little debate in the actual scientific community about these things, and exists only within in the religious circles. And you people will always come to whatever conclusions fit your own little narrow view of the universe. Jewish people had (have) no special insight into the nature of reality, invisible daddy figures do not inhabit the sky and create things out of thin air (except the FSM), and no, the bible has not predicted anything accurately whatsoever, especially by proper name (unless of course you take into account how many times it has been rewritten over the years and mistranslated as well).

    You need to actually read the history of your bible from independent and objective sources (actually you probably need to read the bible from start to finish and see if you continue to think what you think now about your so-called ‘loving’ god). The bible was written as a hodgepodge of collected stories from various authors, and stolen from a variety of cultures and their related mythologies (the whole Jesus story is a complete rip off of the Persian myth of Mithra). The prophecies are always completely vague and give you no real insight into the nature of anything at all. And of course, the new testament was written AFTER the old testament, so of course, any of the various authors could write a text/story that makes the prophecies of old seem to come true. How original!!

    Please wake up and look outside the little religious bubble you are living in. The god of your bible is small, petty, all too endeared with human attributes and simply is a figment of your (and many, many other’s) wishful thinking of things that simply do not exist in the natural world. Dead people don’t come back to life, the world is not 6000 years old, invisible spirits do not answer prayers and intervene in daily human affairs, snakes do not talk, burning bushes don’t talk, water does not turn into wine, people don’t walk on water, and everything you see and know was not created ‘as is.’ It’s all absurd, and has no evidence at all, and when you say you need to simply take it ‘on faith,’ well, what you are saying is that what you profess cannot stand on its own merits. Simply ignore all rational inquiry about it and simply just ‘believe’ as you want to. Nonsense. No thanks.

    The FSM and his gospel holds as much truth as what you are professing, so if I have to chose between the two, I’ll take the FSM anyday. At least he (and his disciples) has a sense of humor!

  8. darkstar says:

    xamot722 – I am sorry to have to disappoint you, but it was actually just a California vintage. It was a Pinot Noir called Mirassou. It is actually pretty good and I am sure His Noodliness approved since I did not have an Italian vintage on hand at the moment. Maybe his reflection would appear more vivid in a better wine. :) He did, however, choose to appear to me that day regardless so I am certain he holds no ill-will towards me.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of FSM. Glad you could join us!


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