fsm spotted in wine glass

Published October 30th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


I was sitting out last weekend enjoying a nice glass of wine when I looked into the reflection of my glass and noticed an image of His Noodly Appendage staring back at me. I think you can make it out but it becomes so much clearer when you zoom in. I’m glad I could catch this on photo so that we can all share in his glory.


Ashley Ray

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  1. Rick says:

    RAmen, indeed.

    May you all know the peace and harmony that emanates from His Perfect Sauce.


  2. lilwench says:

    I often see the Spaghedeity in my wine glass, too, but that is after drinking the contents.

  3. Peter says:

    This really brings to question the beer volcano. I mean, I’m not doubting the beer volcano, but is it possible there are other volcanoes? Like a wine volcano or a vodka or raspberry schnapps volcano?

    • English Andy says:

      How dare someone question his eggy slippery wet slightly sauce covered appendages. The gospel of the FSM is FACT!! How dare you question his noodiliness. There is only a BEER VOLCANO in Heaven. BLASPHEMY

  4. xamot722 says:

    Well, I’m new to FSM, but it comes as no surprise that the all-powerful flying spaghetti monster would choose a glass of fine red wine in which to perform a miracle. A glass of white would have been a surprise, as such would really not pair well with red sauce and meatballs. His wisdom and love for mankind is evident, and truly overwhelming. I am moved.

    Please disclose the varietal HE has chosen to appear in, if not the label and vintage. I would assume an Italian wine, (perhaps a super Tuscan?), as HE clearly created the quintessential Italian pasta dish in HIS image. Whatever it is, I must find it.

    I would think a California wine would be rather shocking, but as I said, I’m new to FSM, having literally just discovered it, and I do not know if there is an established doctrine in this area.

    Thanks for spreading the good word, dare I say Gospel?

  5. Phillip says:

    God loves us all… I’m sure that if you start believing in Jesus you may be forgiven… PLEASE! I can’t get accostumed to the fact that there are plenty of ignorants that still don’t know that the FSM -and his Noodly Appendage- created us and the hole universe.



  6. alice says:

    u guys are all going to hell… the flying spaghetti monster is food. Its like believing in the flying cheese burger.And are u people aware that food goes off????

    can the monster even talk?

    oh do u people smoke weed?
    like the rasta’s….

    pls reply

    • Jeff says:

      The Gospel does not suggest or denounce the use of marijuana. For this, we shall turn to our prophet, Bobby Henderson. Only Bobby can interpret the word of Him.

    • Danimal says:

      1. “…the flying spaghetti monster is food.”
      Our god just looks like food, we don’t worship food. It’s like how your god looks like me but try as I might no one is worshiping me. Yet.
      2. “It’s like believing in the flying cheese burger.”
      Oh Alice, believing in a flying cheese burger would be just crazy. The only thing worse would be believing in a talking snake, or a boat that contained (2) of everything, or virgin birth, or a man getting nailed to a stick, thrown in a cave and then getting up and walking around (3) days later.
      3. “can the monster even talk?”
      When did the ability to vocalize become a qualification for deity-hood? Congrats everyone! If you can talk you’re a god! Sorry mutes, better luck next time. To answer your “dumb” question Alice: Yes. In fact, the FSM is a master of language including proper punctuation, capitalization, spelling and grammar.
      4. “oh do u people smoke weed? like the rasta’s…”
      There isn’t any specific instruction by the CotFSM to smoke or not to smoke weed and I don’t even see why that would make a difference. If you’re curious, I smoked weed in my college days but as “the man” is currently holding me down by making me work (2) jobs I don’t have time. You may be interested to note that I was not touched by his noodly appendage until after my weed days were behind me. Now I have a question for you Alice: Do you eat flesh and drink blood? Like the christians?

      • Atsap Revol says:

        Danimal, I love your posts. Christians are definitely allowed to do pot. According to Genesis in the OT, God gave every “green herb” to Adam. Some of those green herbs were, of course, Cannabis sativa. God created the marijuana plant as a gift to mankind to make up for the shitty way he killed and mangled us. Some Christians seem to be taking in too much “herb,” thus we have the hate-mailers.

        It’s interesting to note that before Noah’s Great Ark, all the animals and man subsisted only on vegetable matter. The huge pointed teeth of Tyranosaurus rex were used for cracking coconuts. Big Macs were made from soy protein. Thus, all food was kosher and there was no need for Jews to have two sets of cooking and serving utensils. Such is the will of God.


  7. Mortal John says:

    Very Cool Find indeed, But it almost looks like its being reflected off your shirt, not to say that Im calling your lier, as the FSM is everywhere so saying he is in the reflection of your wineglass is always physicaly correct!

  8. Christian says:

    what on earth is this blasphemous rubbish! I will not feign ignorance by saying you actually believe this stuff, so let me skip to the point. Why do you “open minded people” fight to preserve the clearly outdated and inaccurate theory of evolution? And please don’t pretend you actually believe this as a form of mockery. IF you truly are open minded and desiring only the Truth then at least read about creation science before you start mocking it. Then after reading about both with an OPEN MIND and with no predetermined bias, declare which makes the most sense. That’s what i did and i chose The LORD. Even Darwin says “i look forward to the day when students will look at both sides of an argument without bias” May the Lord Christ rule over Gods people forever Amen!!!

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Dear Chris,

      This “blasphemous rubbish” is our attempt to preserve sanity in the public school system. You use the term”Creation Science.” That is a prime example of an oxymoron. I have read creationist dogma and books of science with an open mind and no predetermined bias. And I hereby “declare” that science makes the most sense. I’m happy for you that you find comfort in accepting mythology as Truth. Just keep it in your church and home and leave it out of our public schools.


    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      While you feign open mindedness perhaps you should understand who you are talking to. Some of the people here are Christians. Some are ex-christians, like myself. I did do the research. That is why I think creationism (which is not a science no matter how much you want it to be) is bullshit and why I don’t believe it anymore.

      Also, if you really are one who wants truth, then you would know that there is a separation of church and state in this country. I am allowed to believe or not believe in whatever I want. I have the right to not have your bullshit shoved in my face or in my kids face in a public school. If you would like to continue to indoctrinate your children then I suggest a parochial school.

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