this is one of the dumbest

Published October 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

this is some of the dumbest shit i have ever seen. You have a game for your church you are totally and utterly retarted dud-duh-DUR!! i haven’t laughed this hard in a while so i thank you dumbshits who believe this for entertaining me

P.S. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck you guys but thnx for the laughs


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  1. Wdabrock says:

    @ Plumberbob #48,

    I wouldn’t use the term “reverse evolution” in that it would give the Xians the idea that His Holy Noodlyness’s powers can somehow be reversed. De-evolution is a better word for the process of ever worsening hate-mail. The over-all quality of trolls has diminished month after month, and we’re no getting the old 300 to 400 threaders that we so need to keep out intellectual wits honed.

    I believe this is due to a condition(I hope someone from JAMA is reading this) I am coining: PTPD- Post Traumatic Pastafarian Disorder. Symptoms include catastrophic destruction of writing and proof-reading abilities. Acute sentence fragmentation marked with a permanent inability to recognize parody. Calcification of logic and CAPS LOCK(note the inability to capitalize opening letter in sentence, failure to recognize subject, predicate) syndrome.
    These symptoms are noticed usually after fervent Christians post statements that are replied to by Pastafarians. Note that the writer isn’t distinguishing between atheists, agnostics, etc. but emphasizing the Pastafarian sect as a catch-all. Negative comments to the postee seem to cause a reduction in scopolamine levels in the synaptic junction in neurons, causing the loss of motor skills needed to properly communicate. Left untreated with will inevitably lead to thought of blind faith in deities and taste for self-scourging. The posts within the e-mail categories represent the basis of this conclusion.

    It is direct exposure to Pastafari thinking that leads to the debilitation you have seen. By challenging their original lines of thought, we are causing PTPD in the Christian/ID proponents who come here. I have personally seen the illness carry over to places like about.com, WorldNetDaily, and other Xian sites.

    Strangely, I don’t think it needs to treated.


  2. Wdabrock says:

    To cj#46,
    You probably wont read this, because you’re long gone now. Let’s quickly discuss your little problem.

    I’m going to pretend that I’m the Jewish messiah predicted by so may past prophets(ignoring the fact that I’m black and couldn’t be mistaken for being an Orthodox Jew without the powers of the KNB-FX crew- but they did a good job in the new Dead films and Norbit), but I’ve got to pass the prelims. I’ll start by studying all the literature on prophecy and the “second coming”, and I’m going to have my confederates bone up on it as well.

    Next I’ll roam around all the places listed in the prophesies and try to make sure people see me acting and doing what their messiah would do. Because I’m quite a nutter when it comes to religion, I’m going to insure most of the predictions are fulfilled by following them to the letter and say the right things-including that I’m the king of the Jews, which I know will piss off the Sanhedrin. They, in turn will get the Romans involved; you know, the Romans wouldn’t like anyone other than the Emperor to call himself king, no matter how crazy(see Caligula, Commodious)they know he is. That is a capital offense. NO! They aren’t going to crucify you, that’s for show(reserved for special victims in the arena in Nero’s era mainly) but they will nail me to a tree.

    Why, you ask? Because crucified prisoners of state could have a proper burial. Your bones were placed in a little box called an ossuary. In those times, proper burial meant allowing your flesh to rot from your bones and gathering the bones up to be kept by the family. Mausoleums were an expense few could afford. But if the Romans were really pissed at your behavior, you were pinned to a tree, and your bones left for the crows and dogs. Family could visit, but not mourn. This fits into prophecy nicely, because my body should be gone by the third day of my death. No body=resurrection. All I need is for my disciples to comply and tell everyone they saw me get up after I was dead. No body means you can’t prove a thing in the future. Historians get the raspberry, I get deification. How cool is that?

    Sounds beyond belief, until you think about it. What Jesus(if he even existed) did was a self fulfilling prophecy. Do you have any proof he didn’t? Until then, His Noodly Appendage will continue to touch all life with basil and pesto, erasing His Holy presence so you non-believers will continue coming here to entertain and challenge by Pastafari brethren.


  3. plumberbob says:

    @ Wdabrock #49 & #50,
    Thank you. My field is chemistry, and I appreciate your biology explanations to these Religiosos. By the way, in Numbers 12, it says that Moses married an Ethiopian woman, so the genes might just be there for you to pull off your messiah caper.


  4. Aaar! says:

    And he thinks he’s better than us for being christian? Damn him to the Eternal Freezer Of Doom

    Nirvana Suck
    FSM Is made of pasta
    Which would you rather eat?
    Seriously. Little Boy!

    From, Aaar!

  5. Austin says:

    “ou have a game for your church you are totally and utterly retarted dud-duh-DUR!!”

    You do know that there were several pro-Christian (albeit completely unliscenced) games made for the NES right? (One of which was a complete ripoff of Doom.) Besides, our game’s better.

    “P.S. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck you guys but thnx for the laughs”

    I could say the same for you. I haven’t read a letter this poorly written(but funny) since Kindergarten.

  6. Quinn says:

    Nirvana? Wow… great internet alias.

    You can call me Buddah

  7. Alyson says:

    Further evidence that we are in a state of intellectual devolution. You would make Kurt sad. “He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs …but he don’t know what it means”.

  8. Jesse says:

    He gives Nirvana a bad name. I sincerly hope he was not refering to Kurt Combain because if he was would have to beat him with a curling Iron the feed his testicles to a badger then rip out it’s eyes and make meat balls with the.


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