Pasta in the Night

Published October 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Huge thanks to Avelino for creating the above portrait, Pasta in the Night. It is beautiful.

Here’s Avelino’s Deviant Art page.

24 Responses to “Pasta in the Night”

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  1. Iron Mike says:

    Inspired and inspirational, indeed.

  2. Theo says:

    *right click – set as background*

    It’s beautifull!
    You’re truly Touched.


  3. ApostateAbe says:

    Hunger overwhelms…
    Saved by a noodly being!
    Pasta in the night

  4. flyingspaghettiapostle says:

    Wow no mere mortal could possibly do this without divine inspiration – irrefutable proof of his noodily existance!

  5. Fliegenden Nudeln says:

    Awesome work of art. Avelino has beautifully depicted our adored FSM, a tree, and a mountain. But why did the artist leave the midget out of the picture? This work should be transformed into a stained glass window for our magnificient cathedral…oops, that’s right, unlike other religions, we don’t have one.

  6. Drunken Dogg says:


  7. Marcus Aurelius says:

    That’s truly awesome. How long did it take?

  8. jeremykeys says:

    I can just envision it on a ceiling in the chapel of the pirate ship.

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