Pasta in the Night

Published October 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Huge thanks to Avelino for creating the above portrait, Pasta in the Night. It is beautiful.

Here’s Avelino’s Deviant Art page.

24 Responses to “Pasta in the Night”

  1. Panji says:

    Pasta in the night,
    exchanging glances…

    Oh, another FSM lullaby for us to sing or hum and assure ourselves we are safe as we drift off to sleep.

  2. Fliegenden Nudeln says:

    @ ARG SAYER(#11)

    Hi ARG,

    Oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I missed the midget when I first looked at the picture. I think he’s down in the grass taking the world’s first crap. You have a sharp eye and a sharp wit to go wit it.

    Keep the faith, Brother,
    Fliegenden Nudeln, the Airborne Noodle Master

  3. Swashbuckles says:

    Truly, his noodly appendage has guided your hand.


  4. Valvicus says:

    Ahoy! Th’ Noodliness seems to resemble the Trollenberg Terror (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052320/), otherwise known in th’ US of A as th’ Crawlin’ Eye! Mayhaps Erich von Däniken (http://evdaniken.com/) ‘as been right all along!

  5. skywalker says:

    ack!!! You are confusing the FSM, may peace and blessings be upon it, with the demonic FSMBM!

    (being a pure pastafarian (i.e. vegetarian)- i know that meatballs have no place in the idolatry of the FSM- p n’ b’s be upon it-

  6. blake says:

    just converted into the family of pastafarianism.


  7. Avelino says:


    Check it out again, if you’re still interested :)

    Better late than never… sorry.

    Oh the midget! I totally forgot about the midget! Sorry about that.
    Another one is in the works though and the midget will be there, I hope you’ll all like it.

    Our dear pasta and savior has blessed me with a vision. Please pray that his noodley appendages will guide my hand again.


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