OMG! You people have gone mad!

Published October 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

OMG! You people have gone mad! WTF!? is this? how can anyone be created by a DAMN spaghetti thing ROFL! I dont’t believe in this SHIT which was made-up by some DAMNED ASSHOLE! plus.. how can global warming be stopped by pirates LMAO! The people who believe in this spaghetti thing made up by an asshole are complete MORONS.. this is complete bullshit!


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  1. Dan says:

    JDC (#110) – “How can it rain frogs?”, there’s no proven science on this but it is plausable for non-supernatural reasons.

  2. Mary Popins says:

    do not take god’s name in vain

  3. Jimbo loves pasta says:

    It is so funny that all of these people that send in this hate mail are just justifying thier stupidity in believing their religion without even noticing it.

    “I dont’t believe in this SHIT which was made-up by some DAMNED ASSHOLE!” I wonder what happened 2000 years ago, HAHAHA, even worse the Mormons who find the 10 commandment in New York HAHAHAHA!

  4. A says:


  5. Eliza Ruthven says:

    You are all complete and utter dolts. Every last one of you that believes that this is an actual religion. It’s just a jab at EVERY religion that has ever been created, not just your precious Christianity. Honestly you’re all just as bad as each other. Though I myself do not follow any religion at all, as I believe they’re all full of contradictions and hypocritical ideals; I find this particular parody rather amusing. Grow up, guys. If you can’t pick up on the satire and wit weaved into the “beliefs” of FSM, then you’re an idiot.
    This is not a real religion, and should not be worshiped as one.

    Kindly keep your religious preachings to yourself. If we wanted to study up on and or follow your religion, we’d probably have done it by now.

    • Luc says:

      Actually, there are varying ways of following Pastafarianism. While some people prefer to call it a satire, others legitimately believe in the FSM. The CotFSM appreciates all types of followers, and everyone is justified in interpreting the religion as they please. So, while I appreciate your defense of Pastafarianism, you are technically incorrect- this IS a real religion.

  6. Austin says:

    “how can global warming be stopped by pirates LMAO!”

    Actually, pirates could stop global warming. Think about it. Pirates do nothing but sail around all day on wooden ships with no engine, no technology or anything. If everyone was a pirate, there’d be no harmful emmissions!

  7. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    hey evrbody read this its juss sssssssssooooooooooooooo stupi church of the flying spagheti monster u gotta be kidding lke seriusly these days not even 1st graders would belive THAT. and you cant be serius that a snake can talk and its raining frogs???????????? like nobody (except for dumas nutcrkers) wil believe THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!???????>>>>>>> and the next thing you gonna do is tell us inapropiate stuf to do……is it that you read to many miths or you need to go to rehab…

  8. MAN says:


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