OMG! You people have gone mad!

Published October 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

OMG! You people have gone mad! WTF!? is this? how can anyone be created by a DAMN spaghetti thing ROFL! I dont’t believe in this SHIT which was made-up by some DAMNED ASSHOLE! plus.. how can global warming be stopped by pirates LMAO! The people who believe in this spaghetti thing made up by an asshole are complete MORONS.. this is complete bullshit!


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  1. me says:

    God, no god, flying spaghetti monster…

    whatever you believe..
    Many people here can’t speak English very well.
    If you are going to express your views, could you firstly learn how to speak properly? please?
    ‘ROFL’, ‘ROFLMAO’, ‘LOL’, ‘WTF?’, ‘cuzins’ and ‘sum rednek fuka’ isn’t english (what a shock to some of you).
    Perhaps if you spoke properly, people would take you a little more seriously…

  2. Kason says:

    okay well no one really said you had to believe in it…n00b

  3. jay says:

    I believe this hatemailer is spot on. I mean, seriously, who could honestly believe in a flying spaghetti monster? Because that’s just so irrational compared to some all-powerful being creating a giant flood of the planet Earth after arranging for billions of animals to have sexual intercourse on a boat.

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    #95 maxxy Says:????
    Kan pls haz dat n English?

  5. kailey says:

    so you think a flying pasta product made everything? i applaude, my friend told me at school and i thought he was joking. this made me laugh. thanks for making my day :)


  6. blaze8902 says:

    That is the point… it was made up.
    However, the point is it could ALL be made up.
    Proove christianity, buddhism, judism, and what-the-hell-ism were not made up, thousands of years ago by some “asshole”.

  7. sharon says:

    People who don’t get the sarcasm are MORONS hahahahahahahahahha

  8. Joe. The Jew. says:


    Funny, by your ranting it seems you weren’t doing either.

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