Obama *not* raised Christian

Published October 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

*** Breaking ***

Presidential candidate Barack Obama as a child.

This photo just surfaced, showing presidential candidate Barack Obama dressed as a pirate when he was a child. I think it is clear, now, that he was not raised Christian as his camp has claimed. The evidence suggests he was raised not as a Christian, or Muslim – as some have said – but as a Pastafarian.

This begs the question: Is Mr. Obama still a Pastafarian?

Please discuss.

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  1. Gnomey says:

    Hmmm… if Obama is a pirate, does it prove that Gore is a Viking, like I’ve always thought? Sweet!


  2. Alfred says:

    Pastafarians should not encourage or display fundamentalist behavior. While hypocrisy is highly undervalued in today’s society, it isn’t a winning strategy on this front.

  3. Pope Pixel I says:

    I KNEW it! This is clear proof that Senator Obama is on our side. This will be ground-breaking when he becomes the first PASTAFARIAN president!!!

  4. GummiHU says:

    @Pope Pixel I : then we only need to wait for the only openly Pastafarian president.

  5. jimmy says:

    Please note though that The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster already claims Donald Rumsfeld as being a Pastafarian. Just thought I’d throw that out there.
    W might also be a closet pastafarian seeing how he claims that his decisions are guided by a higher power, but some of them seem to suggest a higher power that often gets drunk (despite that W has quit drinking).
    It is not our job to promote or destroy political candidates, as that is precisely what so many other churches are good at. Awwwstruck is right.
    But for the sheer stupidity of it, we should tell all the candidates to wear FSM lapel pins and see which ones fall for it, seeing as everybody thinks lapel pins are so important these days (Did George Washington have one?) Probably only Ralph Nader or Dennis Kuscinich would do it (although the latter might choose a version with no meatballs).

  6. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    He’s got my vote!
    Even before I saw this picture! Now I’m even more convinced he’ll be a good president. Any kid who dreams of becoming a pirate has got to turn out well. And anyone who can deliver our nation from McCain is worthy of my support.

  7. boydman says:


    As much as I can’t stand the woman, I wouldn’t mind making Sarah Palin dress up in a habit and recite her Hail Marys. Of course, in true Catholic fashion, I’d have to feel guilty about it afterwards.

    • Zuri says:

      Bad example of constant grating sarcasm against people for no good reason. Sure, Sarah Palin is a dolt and I’m more fit to run the country than her, but was that really necessary?

      • AwwStruck says:

        So, Zuri, you are more fit to run our country than Sarah Palin? Your immaturity is exceeded only by your childish ego.

        • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

          I believe Zuri IS more fit to run the country than Sara Palin. Childish egos are not out of place inWashington D.C.

  8. boydman says:

    @30 Awwwstruck,

    Another thing many on this site believe, is justifying those things they say or imply. I’m guessing you’re implying Obama hates the US, because of the actions of Wright. Prove it. We’re waiting…just think, you could change the course of the whole election.

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