Obama *not* raised Christian

Published October 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

*** Breaking ***

Presidential candidate Barack Obama as a child.

This photo just surfaced, showing presidential candidate Barack Obama dressed as a pirate when he was a child. I think it is clear, now, that he was not raised Christian as his camp has claimed. The evidence suggests he was raised not as a Christian, or Muslim – as some have said – but as a Pastafarian.

This begs the question: Is Mr. Obama still a Pastafarian?

Please discuss.

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  1. David Marjanović says:

    I wonder what she wore for Halloween as a child…

    What a question. Halloween is pagan. Fundies are literally afraid of it.

  2. Norwegian Pastafarian says:

    That McCain selects Palin for vise president, just proves how much certain americans are obsessed with “damaged” celebrities.

    All hail Obama, a true believer.

  3. Mario says:

    If only i could vote twice for the man!

  4. neal says:

    Once a Pastafarian, always a Pastafarian!

  5. Robert Woerheide says:

    Have you heard about this other *breaking* news? Certainly won’t be good for global warming: France captures Somali Pirates (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7686806.stm).

    Let us all pray for Noodly Appendage Intervention.

    (BTW, I just found your site today and LOVE IT!)

  6. nunquam infidelis says:

    how cute!

    voted early

    love the taco pix

  7. GraveOne says:

    O.O OMFG its Captain Barrack ars a childd fragme and cover me in timber that there is a good ol captain ;)

    ok thruly im from MX I really hope you get bush out of the office getting a passaport is to fck expensive… Im already at 400 US… and they can just say know and I will have to pay it again :( I hope barrack does change that

  8. benji says:

    Evidently that would orient my choice on him. We all know that choosing a president in function of his faith is the common practice in U.S.A.

    I wish I were a U.S.A. citizen on election day.

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