Obama *not* raised Christian

Published October 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

*** Breaking ***

Presidential candidate Barack Obama as a child.

This photo just surfaced, showing presidential candidate Barack Obama dressed as a pirate when he was a child. I think it is clear, now, that he was not raised Christian as his camp has claimed. The evidence suggests he was raised not as a Christian, or Muslim – as some have said – but as a Pastafarian.

This begs the question: Is Mr. Obama still a Pastafarian?

Please discuss.

113 Responses to “Obama *not* raised Christian”

  1. Just Nick says:

    As if I needed more reason to vote for him.
    That pirate garb is perfect.

  2. nogre says:

    once a pastafarian, always a pastafarian!

  3. Mare Lacrimarum says:

    I was already going to vote for him…this is just icing on the cake. :)

    Sarah Palin kinda scares me….I wonder what she wore for Halloween as a child…


  4. Indie Arghhh says:

    Proof that the McCain desperation tactics are useless
    How could he and his bulldog, Palin (who I hear is a secret alaskan) compete against sucha holy man?


  5. Redbeard says:

    I KNEW there was something I liked about the guy, I just thought it was his thoughtful, intellectual approach to difficult issues!

    @Mare Lacrimarum – If I were to hazard a guess as to what Sarah Palin dressed up as for Halloween, I would say it was Torquemada. He fits her personality, he’s waaay scarier than Barbie, and of course NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

  6. St. Arrrrgyle says:

    Let’s not be so hasty. That ain’t no can of SpaghettiOs he’s holding in the picture. I think he’s merely showing that renowned liberal inclination towards redistribution of wealth (pillaging), or as Democrats call it – fairness.

  7. mv says:

    he has my vote

  8. Patrick says:

    I was going to vote for Obama before, and now that I know he is a believer I shall vote for him WHILE DRESSED IN HOLY PIRATE GARB! Come on people! Let’s do it!

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