I am sorry you have been hurt by Christians

Published October 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I am sorry you have been hurt by Christians. It is obvious by your website. You can deny God all you want but he will not deny you. You can hate God but he loves you. You can say all you want that there is no God, but you can’t say I don’t exist just because you have never physically seen me either.

God himself stated in the Bible that HE is Spirit, does not have a physical body. That is why HE said himself do not create any images and worship it because we have no idea what God really looks like.

I was saddened by your website. I do not know your history and why you are so bitter and angry but I hope you would at least try to ask God if He is for real, then somehow show you He really does exist. God himself stated in the Old Testament to Moses who also said he wanted to see God, if Moses was to actually see God face to face, he (Moses) would die due to God’s holiness, BUT God did pass by, covered Moses eyes, then removed his hand so Moses can at least see God’s back. Even with that Moses face glowed from seeing God’s holiness.

Christianity requires faith of the unseen. The conviction comes to the heart.

If hope you are opened enough to at least consider what I am saying. Do not stereotype Christians. We are not all the same. We are not all condemning or judgemental. We are not all closed minded.


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  1. Ritchi says:

    yes god is definitely loving me every time he lovingly guides his followers as they tell me “go to hell furfag!”

  2. Luke says:

    Us Pastafarians do not hate God. The FSM is a humorous manifestation of all Gods. He has some good teachings and preaches the lack of Dogma. It is not hating, but loving god and the teachings of Jesus

  3. DarthFennec says:

    `I do not know your history and why you are so bitter and angry’
    Then maybe you should look him up on Wikipedia before you email him, you wanker. We’re ok with Christians, what we can’t stand is Creationism being taught in gradeschool science classes. How difficult is that to figure out, seriously?

  4. Ereshkigal says:

    hello to everyone, I will reply to two posts in this argument.

    first, to the poll creator, Soo:

    I have not one but many words of your post to use against you and show that you are an heretic, but I will leave these for the second part of the reply, instead I will kill your arguments with logic alone:

    “I was saddened by your website. I do not know your history and why you are so bitter and angry but I hope you would at least try to ask God if He is for real, then somehow show you He really does exist. God himself stated in the Old Testament to Moses who also said he wanted to see God, if Moses was to actually see God face to face, he (Moses) would die due to God’s holiness, BUT God did pass by, covered Moses eyes, then removed his hand so Moses can at least see God’s back. Even with that Moses face glowed from seeing God’s holiness. ”

    – I see that you believe in the whole story of Moses like it has really happened, I can smash that theory very easy but I will accept that there was a jewish revolt in Egypt because there are historical evidence, then, perhaps Moses really help some jewish to run from Egypt, then, we will skip all the ridiculous stories about plagues and God´s wrath and then we will focus on the story of the seas being opened in half by the will of your god, ok, there was a revolt in Egypt, Moses perhaps existed, and then, you will say that in the bible stated that god stop the egyptian army and open the sea in front of the jews, that my friend is just an event, a possible event between an infinite number of possible scenarios, there are many ways that this story may come to happen:

    – perhaps there are only a few important jewish, being persecuted by a small army with one of the heirs of Egypt, then the jewish ambushed them and kill all of them, that will become one great catastrphe to Egypt the death of one of their princes at the hands of some slaves, the egyptians deleted all writings of that and jewish people just magnificed the story in order to have better evidence for his histerical beliefs.
    that is a very good explanation of what happened, but what about this one:

    – the jewish really run into the sea, but there was a collapse of one of the terrains that are close to that site and then the waters lower their usual size, and then the jewish were able to “pass” by the new created terrain that was there for a few days until the water washed away the stones that blocked the pass, then again the jewish created a whole myth from this story.
    well, but then again there are other possibilities:

    – there was a very long dry season, and the water was lower because it has been evaporated by the sun that year, the jewish “cross” again and the egyptians did not cross because they are just a few and there are nearby enemy cities.

    – the jewish managed to create some kind of transport with the help of woods and other materials, and then navigated the sea and crossed to the other side, the egyptians did not pursue because they have no ships available and then again a myth was created.

    and those are the realistic ones, we can talk about the improbable:

    – an alien spaceship, seeing many pursuing a few, decide to help to those people to escape the army, with some kind of weapon destroy the egyptian army and with antigravity devices help to the jews to cross the sea, and those ignorants made a myth about god or gods of another advanced civilization.

    but my friend, from an infinite number of posibilities, you have to pick THIS ONE:

    – the jewish being trapped by the egyptians, then god with his finger of fire, created a tornadoe of fire in front of the egyptians, then with a blow of wind and with his mighty hand, he opened the sea and look his people getting into the other side, then he closed the sea in angry to see the poor egyptians drown and Moses looks in awe the sky while a beam of holy light illuminate all the jewish people…

    pretty stupid don´t you think? I find more plausible the alien ship…

    my friend, you are not seeing an historical event as what really is, just an historical event like any other with a rational explanation, you just are seeing what you want to see.

    and now to ferando64:

    “The bible itself warns of false religion and the pending destruction that it is inevitable. The wars faught in the name of religion cannot be justified.e.g In WW2 christians of the same denomination were blessed before they went to kill each other. Today wars and all sort of atrocities are perpetrated In God’s name which to start with they do not know. A pastor once said that God’s name is God/Lord/Adonai. Psalm 83:18 proves otherwise.”

    – Then you are saying that all holy wars was only man made, and God was nothing to do with it, then you are saying that the inquisition is false, they are just fanatics, and you are saying that all the popes that created the bulls of the christian precepts and agains heretics are just false too, I will not show you how heretical are your statments here, but indeed take another approach:
    my friend: then you are saying that you can choose wisely between good and evil, and not with the help of the church and some bible chapters, because they preach war, you are just too full of yourself: let me ask you: Who are you to even think that you can know the difference between good and evil?, are you God?, how can you possibly believe that between those selected Saints of the church, that created inquisition and the bulls, you can choose who is right and who is wrong?, the sole fact of your statment made you an egolatric person, and an heretic.

    “Did you check Psalm 83:18 and you did not see the name Jehovah, well you have also stumbled on yet another human misinterpretation of God’s word. Most translations replace the divine name, even though God wants his worshippers to know his name. They did this because they felt the name was too holy to be spoken by mere unclean men.

    The original transcriptions however will have the original tetragrammaton which is translated Yahweh and Jehovah in English and varied depending on mother tongue.”

    – heretical and foolishness statments: indeed the name Jehovah is in the old testament but in the jewish version, there was not a misinterpetation of “God”, because god is the word that describes better Odin, and the converted normands just used the same word for God, and that is the real meaning of the english word, you can not read the translations, the Decretalium Compilatio says that is heretical to read the bible in other language than latin, so you are an heretic, and the sole statment of naming Jehovah is heretical too:
    “Again, they claim that at the end of the sixth period of church history – that is, the present period which began with Saint Francis – the carnal church, Babylon, the great whore is to be rejected by Christ just as the synagogue of the Jews was rejected because it crucified Christ, for the carnal church is crucifying and persecuting Christ’s life by persecuting those brothers in the Franciscan order called the poor and spiritual. ” the jewish terminology of god is banished from catholic church, because they crucified Christ, the sole fact that you are discussing that name here made you an heretic.
    perhaps you will say: “those were fanatics that kill in the name of god but god was not with them” and I say: that you are an heretic, if you state that then you are saying that in the church were false prophets, and between them popes and saints, and Acording to the University of Paris, 1431 by St. Bernard: “its content is nothing but superstition, divination, presumptuous affirmation and vain boasting.” the same that they say to Joanne of Arc, when she statment the same thing, and even you are contradicting the inquisition and pope Gregory IX, and:
    “Therefore [it is in nowise licit] to any man [to infringe this page of Our declarations, statements, composition, command, constitutions, judgments, and dispositions, nor it is licit to such a one to oppose this by rash daring: if any one however would presume to attempt this, let him know that he has incurred the indignation of the Omnipotent God, and his blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.]” as writting by pope John XXII, by all of this, you are an heretic.
    I will take another possible answer of you: “everyone has to feel god in his heart, and the church is not necessary because it has also fanatics and devil man”, and I will give you the last kick to your arguments:
    in this statement, according to the university of Paris: you have no understanding of the comandments and authority of the church, ” Again, they say that if God had not provided the church with Brother Peter John or someone like him, the whole world would be blind or heretical. Again, they say that those who do not accept the teachings and writings of Brother Peter John are blind, because they do not see the truth of Jesus Christ; and those who reprove and condemn his doctrine are heretics.” by words of Bernard Gui, “If anyone truly would presume [to do such] against [it], let him be treated by all as contumacious, and a rebel of the Roman Church.” by pope John XXII, and then:

    ferando64 by the own decrets and compilations of your beloved church, we find that you have perniciously erred the faith of God, that you are a child of superstition, a wanderer from the faith, an invoker of demons, an idolater, and a HERETIC.

    I have finished my work here thanks to all dear pastafarians that read this :)

    sorry for any mispelling, not my native language

  5. Ereshkigal says:

    sorry, I have to say this, is so easy and fun to destroy those christians with their own church and faith

  6. Joukahainen says:

    People who put all their money to some obvious scams also believe in it with all their heart. It must be true because thinking so makes them happy. They don’t question it, if they’re too desperate. Some can’t even admit they’ve been cheated when the scammer disappears or is arrested. That’s why I don’t want to just believe in something without thinking.

  7. Seiryuu says:

    But I thought that the Lord made Man in His Image. Or did I misinterpret that for something else?

  8. nun sequitur says:

    soo= SPOKESPERSON? where have u been hiding, all this time? let me guess…in plain site, if only i looked? ive heard it all b4.

    will make a list of questions, concerns & return…since u have the hotline 2 heavens. maybe it can b passed on… it includes some requests, can u handle that? god delivers i was once told…we shall see!

    honestly i feel badly u r compelled 2 apologize, if this is a sincere letter.

    if it is i hope u will please forgive my sarcasm.

    here’s my 1st request, have my treatment restored, remove my suicidal ideations & …world peace. if u can deliver on the first, id b duly impressed & thatd b peachy.

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