I am sorry you have been hurt by Christians

Published October 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I am sorry you have been hurt by Christians. It is obvious by your website. You can deny God all you want but he will not deny you. You can hate God but he loves you. You can say all you want that there is no God, but you can’t say I don’t exist just because you have never physically seen me either.

God himself stated in the Bible that HE is Spirit, does not have a physical body. That is why HE said himself do not create any images and worship it because we have no idea what God really looks like.

I was saddened by your website. I do not know your history and why you are so bitter and angry but I hope you would at least try to ask God if He is for real, then somehow show you He really does exist. God himself stated in the Old Testament to Moses who also said he wanted to see God, if Moses was to actually see God face to face, he (Moses) would die due to God’s holiness, BUT God did pass by, covered Moses eyes, then removed his hand so Moses can at least see God’s back. Even with that Moses face glowed from seeing God’s holiness.

Christianity requires faith of the unseen. The conviction comes to the heart.

If hope you are opened enough to at least consider what I am saying. Do not stereotype Christians. We are not all the same. We are not all condemning or judgemental. We are not all closed minded.


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  1. ralphie says:

    I thank you for your heartfelt response. I likewise would ask you to consider what we as Pastafarians are saying. The Flying Spaghetti Monster also wishes to remain unseen, but the proof of his existence is evident by the fact that he touches everything with his noodley appendage. This obvious by the fact that Bobby Henderson was compelled to write a certain letter to the State of Kansas School board when they were attempting to teach children a belief that was not consistent with our own.
    I have actually asked your God if he is real. I unfortunately haven’t received an answer yet. Does he have an e-mail address that I can write to? When I asked I didn’t get an answering machine, should I have just let my question ring longer? I hope I didn’t hang up too soon…


  2. Insightful Ape says:

    Soo, it is so bad that you hate the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can’t say he doesn’t exist because you haven’t seen him. If you even consider you may be wrong, you just ask him and he will touch you with his noodley appendages. Pastafarianism requires faith in the unseen. You can deny the FSM as much as you want, His Noodlieness is still the creator and he loves you. It is so sad that if you do not feel his touch you will be stuck with stale beer for eternity.
    PS: Whenever you have time you may want to look up the word “patronizing” in the dictionary.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “You can say all you want that there is no God, but you can’t say I don’t exist just because you have never physically seen me either.”

    You can’t do scientifically disproven acts; you can’t smite people; there us actually solid proof that you exist, unlike God

    “God himself stated in the Bible that HE is Spirit, does not have a physical body. That is why HE said himself do not create any images and worship it because we have no idea what God really looks like.”

    How do you know that God wrote the bible? You don’t, because your parents raised you to blindly believe this stuff.

  4. Vermicelli says:

    Soo, thanks for the kind words. I too am sorry that you have been hurt by rational thought and have apparently chosen to reject it.

  5. Guy says:

    damn it, even though she was polite she made me angry.

    it’s insulting how some christians think that everyone who doesn’t follow their world view is sad and angry… as if it’s the ONLY way to live…

    well, as i said, at least she didn’t through some “go to hell” mail like the others.

  6. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:

    Step 1: Read the information on the site. Read the open letter.
    Step 2: Understand that the bible was written by people. Humans. Folks who may or may not have believed what they were writing. Not a mysterious cloud-being.
    Step 3: Understand further that the *original* bible has been copied innumerable times, with innumerable changes to the text, to the point where there are now scsores of different versions, each with its set of rabid defenders. Not one of these documents has any right to be called the word of god, since the fables and lessons are told from the viewpoint of men, not from the viewpoint of *god*.
    Of course religion requires faith in the unseen. There’s nothing there to see, so one has to follow one’s imagination. It’s no different in Buddhism, or Islam, or anything else. There’s nothing special about xianity.
    I don’t think any of the reasoning posters on this site hates god. I certainly don’t. How can I hate something that doesn’t exist? I admit a certain lack of fondness for those so-called xians who can’t keep their opinions to themselves, and who judge and condemn Pastafarians in direct contravention of their own religious tenets. Someone pointed out the other day in another string, a study that found an inverse correlation between IQ and religious fervor. I’m certainly not surprised by that. One of the reasons that religions like xianity remain so popular is that even the most intelligent of believers will steadfastly refuse to apply their intelligence in an analysis of their beliefs.
    If, through some strange and bizarre turn of events, you actually come back to see what we have said in response to your post, please be as open as you admonish us to be, and consider the following quote:
    **If a being of infinite wisdom wrote the Bible, or caused it to be written, he must have known exactly how his words would be interpreted by all the world, and he must have intended to convey the very meaning that was conveyed….If an infinite being cannot, in making a REVELATION to man, use such words that every person to whom a revelation is essential will understand distinctly what that revelation IS, then a revelation from God through the instrumentality of language is impossible, or it is not essential that all should understand it correctly. It may be argued that millions have not the capacity to understand a revelation, although expressed in the plainest words. To this it seems a sufficient reply to ask, why a being of infinite power should create men so devoid of intelligence, that he cannot by any means make known to them his will?
    We are told that it is exceedingly plain, and that a wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein. This statement is refuted by the religious history of the christian world. Every sect is a certificate that God has not plainly revealed his will to man.
    To each reader the Bible conveys a different meaning. About the meaning of this book, called a revelation, there have been ages of war, and centuries of sword and flame. …Is it not infinitely more reasonable to say that this book is the work of man, that it is filled with mingled truth and error, with mistakes and facts, and reflects, too faithfully perhaps, the ‘very form and pressure of its time’?**
    (Some Mistakes of Moses, Robert Ingersoll, Prometheus Books 1986, pp. 89,90,91)
    I’m sure you’ll find a way to rationalize yourself out of its logic. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll be touched by His Noodly Appendage, and see the light.

  7. Insightful Ape says:

    On second thought-if God doesn’t have a body-how come he has a back?

  8. neal says:

    The story of Moses was derived from the Sumerian story of Sargon in which a chile was abandoned on a wicker basket on the river, taken in by the royal household and went on the receiver laws from the creator. As a matter of fact, numberous religions have the same story with variation in which the lawgiver has names like Mises, Muses, Mases, etc. Moses is only the last of these lawgivers, his biography is every bit as much a plagiarized rip off of earlier pagan myths, as is the biography of Jesus.
    If you are truely open minded, you should look up a movie entitled “Zeitgeist” which exposes the fact that the Judeo-Xtain religion is nothing more than a rebrand of earlier pagan beliefs which floated around the Middle East for millenia.

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