Hello, I am a Christian

Published October 2nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Hello, I am a Christian, and I would just like to know, is their any proof of FSM? If so can you please show me the proof, or explain it to me over the web please, I am curios to know. I personally believe this is just some silly religion thought up by an over active imaginative mind of someone. Who told others, and the few that believed him were hopeless in life as it was to begin looking for someone to lead them, and show them the way, so they just followed whatever he said. ( much like scientology)


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  1. Daniel says:

    I am Christian. I believe that both God and Satan exist. I’ll admit, it takes a certain level of insanity to believe in anything intangible a la the FSM or God. The Bible only makes sense to me half the time, if that. There is no historical evidence or moral argument I could provide to convince Pastafarians that they are wrong. What I do have, however, is a relationship with Jesus and experiences that I find difficult to voice. I have witnessed answered prayers to God, demon-possession and things that FSM, science, and other religions cannot accurately explain. Recently, I have experienced a joyfulness that exceeds emotion. It wasn’t a feeling, it was more like a state of BEING different from existence. And, no, I don’t smoke crack. I have felt a presence like a searching or roaming inside me, looking for a weakness. I am convicted that that was the Devil. I know a quadriplegic woman who went from not being able to do anything, to walking, to finally going to seminary. Completely healed. Explain to me, if you will, if there are any of these occurrences in Pastafarianism.

    Agape Love,


  2. James says:


  3. John says:

    One might answer with: “Just like Christendom” instead of “Scientology”

  4. Arve says:

    Daniel: You bring joy to my world! Finally: A christian who can both spell, AND partake in civlised discussion! I hope Bobby declares this a Pastafarian holiday.

    A few points, though.
    1: You refer to science as an ‘other religion’, or at least appear to do so considering how the words are placed. That is something you really shouldn’t do. Contrary to religion, science is a VERY big context (big in actual quantity, not so big in philosophic aspects) that refers to documented occurrences, instructions on how to replicate them, and a summary of what we can learn from this or how to interpret the results – in ALL fields of science; psychology, arts (yes, really! you’d be amazed), maths, astronomy, linguistics, physics, chemistry, biology, maybe even old ‘house-cures’ and whatever else. Religion, however, is really nothing more than a philosophic manifest.
    2: A feeling of joyfulness exceeding emotion is what I would call being in love. But, I guess that’s just me.
    3: A feeling of something prowling around in you looking for weaknesses seems like it could be set off by any number of things. Ask a psychologist if you wish to get scientific theories on that – I won’t insult anyone by trying to analyse you from where I’m sitting.
    4: I have no idea at all what ‘quadraplexy’ is, but there is a mysterious thing called placebo-effect that any pharmacist or doctor would have heard about. Sometimes, when testing new medicine on people, some of the control-group gets placebo (dud drugs, yo) instead of the real thing, but neither the administrating doctor nor the patient knows that – and quite a number of the placebo-takers get better as though they got the medicine. At its core, the placebo-effect suggests that if you believe you’ll get better from this or that, you stand a very real chance of making that a reality.

    (As for a pastafarian explanation to the healing; I guess the FSM just found a bottle of really fine wine at the time and decided to do something nice out of the good of his heart.)

  5. Lindsey says:

    Wait, is this letter for real ro are they just messing with us? I find it hard to believe that anybody is this stupid. And yet, here is the proof…

  6. Nick says:

    You know, It’s a bit surprising that this person wishes to apply the precepts of reason to FSM, but doesn’t seem to do that for his own creed. Hell, I’d love to present the proof for FSM once I receive proof for Jesus.

  7. Izaak says:

    My favorite part is how they gave such a wonderful description of christianity. My question in general is ” Why do people care so much about people loving the FSM and his beautiful noodly appendage?”.

  8. Myron says:

    Oh, but Scientology is philosophically different from FSM. Scientology is more like religion versions 3.20(Hinduism) through 4.2(Islam) and 4.3(Christianity) than the earlier forms 1.0 (sun god) through 2.40,000(Hawaiian). It builds a dam of philosophic walls around it’s precious bodily fluids, and trains their parishoners (I use the term very loosely) to keep the holes in the dam plugged, and to keep people from climbing over the top for a better look. Daily ‘training’ is required. They believe it’s real, and not just an accidental figment of the placebo effect (mostly that, but also other pseudo-science that abhors the use & independent reproduction of double-blind tests).

    In contrast, FSM doesn’t build dikes, it is dynamite at the floodgates.
    Viva la RAmen revolution!

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