Have fun with your nonsense

Published October 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Have fun with your nonsense because I am going to destroy all that crap you people spread. There hasn’t been a single evolutionist or atheist that has won or ever will win against me. Don’t believe me, see how many forum discussions on evolution that you can find on aol. Check out Adrienne Curry’s blog. I just started there but that’s just for fun. If darwin knew of me, he would have never come up with ridiculous theory that doesn’t have a single gram of sense in it. I will single handily take on any and all evolutionist and atheists in a nationally televised public forum, discussing evolution. And I will single handidly win. So enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t last much longer.

-The Asetrian

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  1. CrudOMatic says:

    Claiming victory because it is impossible to prove a negative does NOT a victory make. How many teeth do you have broken off at the gum line, again?

    You talk about evolution not making any sense – biology is hard for someone with a 1st. grade education to grasp, so of course it doesn’t make sense to you.

    Yet a hippie getting nailed to a lowercase T, who’s daddy is a sky wizard that told an 800 year old drunk to build an ark and put 2 of every animal in the WORLD on it make MORE sense? I guess you forgot about the western world – which was UNKNOWN at the time, so it was HARDLY the world – even then 2 of EVERY animal? That fucking thing would be the size of Iraq! YET THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF IT! Not to mention, Noah was 800 FUCKING YEARS OLD!!!!! 800 sure is a believable age for a drunk living in a time when people died in their 30’s & 40’s because of dirty water, food and lack of medicine.

    Goddamn pixie dust is getting thick in here.

    Tell you what, which is more believable? That Santa puts presents under your tree, or mommy & daddy lied to you and put them there themselves? Since you loan your mind to delusion and fantasy, I’d say you believe that Santa does it. You also believe in the Easter bunny. The tooth fairy.

    So since you believe that because a negative can’t be proved, thus you claim victory, here is a challenge: Bring SOLID CONCRETE EVIDENCE that FSM DOES NOT EXIST. Bonus points: BRING SOLID CONCRETE EVIDENCE THAT GOD EXISTS – and NOT testimony – that shit isn’t evidence. But it goes to show how much a Christian knows about anything when they can confuse testimony and evidence with one another.

    I’m waiting you imbred fuck.

  2. Gigglestick says:

    So, Asetrian, old bean, when are you coming to win in an argument? You can’t just type something and run off you know, it doesn’t work like that.

    I have a picture of you in my head, perhaps attending a debate, sticking your fingers in your ears shouting “I WIN I WIN SINGLEHANDEDLY AGAIN I WIN SO THERE.” then legging it out of the room before anyone else gets a chance to speak.

    Come back. God will be angry with you for breaking your promise. And if God gets pissed off at you, that’s NOTHING to what the FSM will do when he hears you’ve been mouthing off on his website then running away without standing up for what you believe in. Well, if you even know what you believe in – Bible’s a long book, huh?

  3. His Noodliness says:

    Wow. You must be SO proud to be the smartest person on ADRIANNE CURRY’s blog! Seriously, if you debated my eight year old little sister, my money would be on my sister. My money would also be on her if the two of you had a fight to the death. Do not presume to win any debates through threats, as many Christians attempt to do, as I hardly feel threatened either physically or intellectually by a person who consistently misspells “handedly”. I scored 100% on an IQ test meant for people in their forties at the age of seven. Unlike you, I have read Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” and understood it. I would recommend to this idiot that he buy a brain and read a book, but he would probably get a bible. There are some people that are simply beyond reason, that no one can help. I hope that this guy isn’t like that, but I’m not too hopeful.

  4. I've got the shits now says:

    I would like you if you were only a little more full of yourself.

  5. Keith says:

    Tch! I believe he spelled his name incorrectly. Shouldn’t there be an “r” after the “A”?

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