Have fun with your nonsense

Published October 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Have fun with your nonsense because I am going to destroy all that crap you people spread. There hasn’t been a single evolutionist or atheist that has won or ever will win against me. Don’t believe me, see how many forum discussions on evolution that you can find on aol. Check out Adrienne Curry’s blog. I just started there but that’s just for fun. If darwin knew of me, he would have never come up with ridiculous theory that doesn’t have a single gram of sense in it. I will single handily take on any and all evolutionist and atheists in a nationally televised public forum, discussing evolution. And I will single handidly win. So enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t last much longer.

-The Asetrian

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  1. ex-Possible Convert says:

    Dear Asetrian,

    I think you are at the wrong website. Evolution is just a theory. We believe in unintelligent design, and that the universe was created by His Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We have our Gospel to prove it.


  2. Devout Heathen says:

    One might be given to wonder, given that he promises to do things “single-handedly”, what his other hand is doing meanwhile.

  3. sooshi says:

    Well, come on then, where’s this water-tight and well structured argument? I’ve looked for Adrienne Curry’s blog, but can’t seem to find it, despite this guy’s belief that his “work” is of the utmost importance and finally settles this argument once and for all.

    It’s all very well claiming to be able to argue successfully that evolution is one giant daydream, but I’ve yet to see even one part of his argument.

    Perhaps he means for us to watch the “nationally televised public forum” that he neglected to name, or give any detail on… maybe that means either it doesn’t exist, or he doesn’t really want us to see it.

    Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, I’ve discovered the secrets of time travel!!! Yes, all you nay-sayers will have egg on your face very soon… I won’t say when, or how, or where, but oooooh yes, you should be nervous!!

  4. st. pastabeard says:

    Wow… i’m pretty sure I know this guy. I was discussing the pastafarian anthem with my friends and he just jumped me. Screamin’ somehting like ” GOD LOVES ME!!!! DIE DEVIL BOY!!!!!”
    Now, what does that say about him?

  5. xhien says:

    Oh no, what would FSM do? What would FSM do? I am so scared of this Asetrian guy.

  6. The New Absolutist says:

    Four statements’ worth of your time:

    One: I agree with The Asstrain–ahem, Asetrian. There is no Evolution. There is also no Law of Gravity–we are all held onto the Earth by the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s noodly appendages.

    Two: Darwinist Evolution, as according to the principles of New Absolutism, is nothing but an amalgamation of cold facts (now I’m not joking anymore).
    1) Genetic heredity
    2) Survival of the Fittest
    Taken separately, this Asetrian person probably wouldn’t object to each law on its own (unless he’s actually an Elite Fucktard, in which case we’re all out of our depth) but together it adds up to a concoction he/she can’t quite swallow. Why can’t the sum of the parts be equal to the whole anymore?

    Three: “The best response to a nonsensical argument is ridicule.” –Thomas Jefferson
    Good work

    Four: Doesn’t anyone think maybe this guy (or gal) isn’t legit? I mean–no name, no publicity, no great big freaking Forum of the Gods where the Champion of Lunacy defends all comers–could be just some Darwinist tired of the lack of a worthy opponent, planting a fake trash-talking post to unite all us FSMers in common pistness? Whatever, it’s a ‘miraculous’ string, I’m beholden to all you guys.

  7. char says:

    If Darwin’s Theory is wrong, then why do kids look like a combination of their parents?

  8. Hurricane Scrambles says:

    This guy hasn’t met me. The biggest, baddest ATHEIST of them all. It’s go time.
    But seriously, he kinda prides himself a little much. Plus not knowing the basics of the theory of evolution.

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