Canadian Pastafarian angers Catholic church

Published October 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Catholic Jesus-Wafer held perilously above a blender.

One of our fellow Pastafarians has angered the Catholic Church with a series of videos in which he ridicules their rituals and beliefs; specifically, that their host wafers become the literal body of Jesus when they are ingested.

A devilishly mischievous Canadian boy who mocks a central Christian ritual on YouTube has caused an international stir and earned the wrath of the Catholic Civil Rights League, which has called for his offensive, and popular, videos to be removed from the Internet.

The teenager from Quebec named Dominique, who tags himself “fsmdude,” has posted 40 videos in which the Catholic Civil Rights group maintains he desecrates the host, the small circular wafer that Catholics ingest during Eucharist service.

The Catholic Civil Rights League claims the videos are “hate speech.” At the other end of the spectrum, some YouTube commentators call them funny and right on. I would speculate most non-Christians would find Dominique’s online antics juvenile.

Should his sacrilegious videos be banned?

Dominique, who appears to be about 17 and speaks as if English is his second language, thinks it’s ridiculous to believe in transubstantiation, the Catholic teaching that the wafer becomes the literal body of Jesus Christ during eucharist.

There’s a great article about this at the Vancouver Sun, complete with videos.

FSMDude’s youtube channel is here – you’ll find no end of eucharist desecration.

I’m interested, what do you all think about this?

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  1. penguin games says:

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  2. Marceline Dibble says:

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  3. Olio says:

    Canadian Pastafarian Angers Catholic Church

    It probably has to do with him being Canadian. If he were not Canadian there would be mild annoyance. Instead of anger.

    I predict that kid has a future on The Daily Show with Jon Stuart.

    When compared to the kinds of things certain priests have probably said to a number of children whom have reportedly been abused at various churches, that being comparitively hateful in intent rather than devlish mischief, I am fuzzy on what to think of this. Has the church remained officially silent on that, issue? Not this you tube clip but this other lesser issue? Because if there is outrage about this instead, rather than child abuse, it is my turn to be speechless.

    There could be a vote and let god decide the punishment.

    If he comes up with a plan for world peace one day which is a success, would this negate the controversey or, will he, un repenting, perish in the underworld for this transgression instead?

    Is this a member of the church?

    • Atsap Revol says:

      I agree with Mal, Olio = Nun with spell-check.

      • Olio says:

        Why would anyone want to cover a nun with olive oil? Thats just twisted.

        In the churches defense, only the pews were angered.

        The pulpit was indifferent and the stairs, steeple did not much care.

        The confessionals have no knowledge of this yet, still. Someone ought to tell them. They have a right to know.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        Funny. I was thinking the same thing.

  4. Olio says:

    Catholic Church Expresses Outrage
    over eucharist desecration by child.

    Catholic Church Expresses No Dismay, Shrugs and Looks The Other Way
    while children are abused.

    I suggest a sin meter. Wherein perpetuating abuses which destroy a persons life potentially, ranks higher on the meter than such. If this constitutes hate speech, is there hate silence?

    If he does that with matzo, the fit would really hit the shan.

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      This was first posted in 2008 – does anybody know what has happened in the meantime? I searched a bit and didn’t find anything specific. I do think, however, that “Catholic civil rights” is a contradiction in terms…

      • Keith says:

        I clicked on the videos attached to the Vancouver Sun article and received a notice that the videos had been removed by the user. It’s a great shame because I would prefer to have made up my own mind about them rather that have some religious do-gooder try to tell me what to think.

        • Olio says:

          ‘do gooder telling me what to think’

          This begs the question whom do you prefer telling you what to think? I can make suggestions.

        • Keith says:

          It does not beg any question. As I have a brain of my own I don’t like anyone telling me what to think.

        • Olio says:

          In that case I will keep those suggestions to myself. They were not particularly interesting thoughts I had for suggesting anyway. Not missing out on anything earth shattering.

  5. Olio says:

    A do gooder is always more welcome than a do badder. People are good because it is inherently possible, ever present potential owing to good shared, good squared. Gratitude. Attributing this to a guiding higher power is okay, so long as it is truly good and not just an opinion of good. When it is, there is no question. Enforcing that there is one and only one path to achieve a better seat on a cloud is not what it ever has been about. Actually it has been about that often.

    • Olio says:

      That was in reply to do gooder citation above. For some reason it posts separated. This just began happening. Odd.

      Forgot to add to that no good deed goes un punished. That’s the travesty of it. Am not sure if it is some universal law of inverses or something from out of the bible.

      • Reverend Captain Mal says:

        The misplaced reply happens when a post has been deleted for some reason. It may have been spam or trolling, but any replies get pushed to the end of the list instead of in-line like usual.

        It’s nothing to worry about.

  6. Olio says:

    Gustav Mesmer would have approved of this post.

    ‘Mesmer returned to Altshausen, where he lived with his parents and (in 1928) apprenticed himself to a carpenter. The following year, on the 17th of March, he disrupted a communion ceremony in the Altshausen church with a statement to the effect that it wasn’t the blood of Christ that the churchgoers were being given, and that the whole ceremony was a fraud. He was forcibly removed from the church and taken back to his parents’ house. The Mesmers’ family doctor considered his behavior a sign of mental illness of some kind and feared he might harm himself or others. Consequently, Mesmer was committed to the Bad Schussenried mental home with a diagnosis of schizophrenia of the paranoid type.

    Mesmer wrote his family asking for their support in having him quickly released, but he received no answer because the Bad Schussenried administrators were not passing his letters on to the family.’

    His story has a better ending than this snippet implies. He lived in the institution for thirty five years but at sixty one years old unveiled inventions he had ideas for all those years. There is a Gustav Mesmer Foundation today.


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