Canadian Pastafarian angers Catholic church

Published October 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Catholic Jesus-Wafer held perilously above a blender.

One of our fellow Pastafarians has angered the Catholic Church with a series of videos in which he ridicules their rituals and beliefs; specifically, that their host wafers become the literal body of Jesus when they are ingested.

A devilishly mischievous Canadian boy who mocks a central Christian ritual on YouTube has caused an international stir and earned the wrath of the Catholic Civil Rights League, which has called for his offensive, and popular, videos to be removed from the Internet.

The teenager from Quebec named Dominique, who tags himself “fsmdude,” has posted 40 videos in which the Catholic Civil Rights group maintains he desecrates the host, the small circular wafer that Catholics ingest during Eucharist service.

The Catholic Civil Rights League claims the videos are “hate speech.” At the other end of the spectrum, some YouTube commentators call them funny and right on. I would speculate most non-Christians would find Dominique’s online antics juvenile.

Should his sacrilegious videos be banned?

Dominique, who appears to be about 17 and speaks as if English is his second language, thinks it’s ridiculous to believe in transubstantiation, the Catholic teaching that the wafer becomes the literal body of Jesus Christ during eucharist.

There’s a great article about this at the Vancouver Sun, complete with videos.

FSMDude’s youtube channel is here – you’ll find no end of eucharist desecration.

I’m interested, what do you all think about this?

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  1. neal says:

    Boy Catholics sure can’t take a joke,now can they? Ban the videos, are you kidding me? Since when has any religious group had veto power over a free media. It’s easy to see where those Islamic types in Denmark and England got the stones to appoint and annoint themselves final arbiters on what gets in the press regarding “The Prophet”–all they have to do is look at the Catholic assholes who think they can control the media with regard to their religious message! It’s all right to sqwuak, Catholics, but nobody gets a veto on any free speech, no matter how offensive you find it.

  2. this is not right says:

    I love the FSM and worship him on a daily basis. However I do not think it is right to do something like this. I agree there is no Jesus but that is kind of offensive. I agree it is freee speech but free speech ignored is sometimes a good thing.

  3. Noodly Diddly says:

    I don’t think these videos should be banned. Then again I do not think it is the Pastafarian way to go against other cults. I did enjoy the one that fell in the mighty Saint-Laurent with cement shoes. That was in Quebec City. It just celebrated its 400th this year (1608-2008).

  4. Ben Tremblay says:

    I am tired of people horribly representing Pastafarianism. The very point of Pastafarianism is to fight hate, and dogma in a creative, intelligent way. (Very, very intelligent, Mr. Henderson :D)

    The point of science is to fight stupidity.

    Lets recap:

    Pastafarians DON’T get to call other religions stupid.

    Scientists and logical, thinking people do.

    He claims to be a Pastafarian, but this is not what we do. All he is saying is that he thinks they’re stupid for believing what they do. I also believe they are stupid. BUT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE STUPID.

    So, I must say, I personally find this amusing/funny, but I hate that he is saying he is a Pastafarian.

    P.S. Just a note here, check his Youtube channel. In his info, you can clearly see he is actually quite self-conflicting and ignorant in his reasoning. Also, the fact he’s done it 40 times + shows he isn’t doing it for the sake of good, he’s just doing it out of direct hate for a certain religion-so not very FSMish.

  5. rhonan says:

    I have always considered that the point behind Pastafarianism was making fun of people who rejected science in favor of biblical literalism, and tried to force that upon everyone else. I have not assumed that it was anti-Christian, nor that pastafarianism was about making fun of religion in general.

    While I don’t support those who would silence Dominique, I think his behavior show the same bigotry we see from the fundis. I certainly hope FSM would not encourage his antics.

  6. BlondBeard says:

    I think that’s taking it a little too extreme. It’s one thing to simply mock others of the silly things they do (like popped collars, going to MCDs for a salad, or believing in deities), but its a complete other to go about insulting them and being just plain arrogant and childish.

  7. billy says:

    i’m all for it, one of his videos had ducks in it, and ducks are awesome! also his videos are causing people to think and causing discussion(not awfully civilized, but still discussion) i had no idea what those little cracker things were until i watched this guys video.

  8. Benel Germosen says:

    The thing about parody is that it should be done in good fun. While at the root of religion, there is a lot of silliness to it. Being malicious and disrespectful toward the rites and rituals of other religions is a text-book definition of a ” dick move “. I urge my fellow pastafarians to be mindful and respectful of other views while exhorting the loving way of his Noodly lord. For it is in unity with our fellow man the way of our lord.

    A praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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