FSM study group at Florida high school

Published October 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson





Just thought you might like to hear that some fellow worshipers are spreading the gospel over at Lawton Chiles High in Tallahassee, Florida. We had a crowd of about 40 on our first meeting, which was an epic success, handing out fliers and enlightening the student body about our beliefs through visual presentations of global warming, gravity, creation and much more.


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  1. kyle long says:

    lets see this video this stuff is great.

  2. FrodoSaves says:

    That is truly one sweet hat that dude is wearing

  3. VikinglordSF says:

    Wow i want to go to your highschool. My school has no such open mindedness. In fact we have a very active christian population in my school and while I enjoy debating with them, they get pissed really easy and are very close minded. My mommy and priest want me to believe this so i do is the most common mentality it seems.

  4. Austin says:

    Whoever commented about fliers: second picture from the top. We handed out roughly 60 during the first meeting, and I’m printing out 150 more for next week.


  5. Flartus says:

    #2 Dr. P, are ye the originator of “efesemological?” ‘Cause that be a fine lexical item, it do!

    I hoist pint o’finest ale in yer general direction!


  6. Flartus says:

    arrgh…”A pint,” I meant. Though, if necessary, we could make it more.

  7. walkintothesea says:

    I’m so proud of my friends.

  8. A Noodle of Faith says:

    I thought they use the fish-eye lense to simulate the view from a pirate’s periscope. A throw back to the day when men were men and saints were pirates. Perhaps I was mistaken. I beg for His Noodly forgiveness.

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