FSM study group at Florida high school

Published October 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson





Just thought you might like to hear that some fellow worshipers are spreading the gospel over at Lawton Chiles High in Tallahassee, Florida. We had a crowd of about 40 on our first meeting, which was an epic success, handing out fliers and enlightening the student body about our beliefs through visual presentations of global warming, gravity, creation and much more.


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  1. StJason says:

    The real question is: Does He see through a fisheye lens?

  2. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    The question posed by StJason is one of the most strking efesemological question of our times. Actually, some FSMChurch Doctors have always defended the idea of touching as the first way of sensorial/motorial activity of Our Nutritious Lord. However, the MeatBalls and the GooglyEyes may also strongly support His Divinely Contact with the world He created. We think that the Florida Study Group has pointly grasped the vision modality of Our Flying Lord, a mix between a fish-eye lens and a spyglass.

  3. Drunken Dogg says:

    Awesome! Only if their were fellow believers at my middle school……

  4. Theo, Holland says:

    this is 2008; where’s the video?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Excellent! There is always hope for a better future when you give young people a chance to express themselves.

  6. Barnacle Jayne says:

    When will you form the Fellowship of FSM Athletes at your high school?

    Ramen! My high school was never this cool.

  7. BlackBard says:

    Drunken Dogg,

    Ahoy, mate. Me thinks they be fellow believers at yarr school. Ye must assemble the crew. Set out to recruit the scurvy dogs by posting flyers. (See the “Materials” button at the top of the home page.) Ye may be surprised.

    Bon voyage!


  8. Austin says:

    Thanks a ton for the support, guys. To answer Barnacle Jayne’s question, we probably won’t be able to create a school sponsored club, mainly because there’s no way in hell we’ll be able to get a teacher willing to put their ass on the line and sponsor us, especially with the recent Florida budget cuts and teacher layoffs. We do intend to hold further meetings, however, and we already have an overwhelming amount of promised attendance for next week.

    Ramen, fellow believers.
    -Austin Mooney, co-founder of the CHS branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster(in pirate dreads and eyepatch)

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