FSM in New York Times

Published October 29th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Evil Mad Scientist’s edible Flying Spaghetti Monster

Today, the New York Times published a photo of the FSM with the article Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake.

13 Responses to “FSM in New York Times”

  1. Joe Blow says:

    I’m sorry but I did not see “Flying Spaghetti Monster Treats” credited in the NY Times article. did you? or was it edible eyeballs or some such rot?

    oh well the Lord works in mysterious ways and if he wants to hide his tentacles, who am I to question his wisdom. eh?


  2. chris says:

    omg its spaghettii , i ve never seen it b4 omg thanks be to his noodly shit, shut the fuck up yall dumb fucks, get a life and stop fuckin yalls family u fuckin insest bitches, yall all need to die

  3. harddirt says:

    But…but…. they BAKED his Noodleness! Wellll…. guess it was sorta one of them “burnt offerin'” things?

  4. BlackBard says:

    chris, chris, chris. I hardly know where to start. Your post on Oct 30 is a gem! You have raised the bar for ignorance, bad grammar, poor punctuation, typographical errors (are they really errors?), poor spelling, lack of vocabulary, bad manners and rigorous reasoning.

    It is clear that you have NOT been touched by His Noodly Appendage.

    Thanks for making my day.


    PS We are all going to die. Thank FSM that I will not see you anywhere near the beer volcano nor the stripper factory.

  5. Janeholio says:

    It is as if a 2 ton heavy thing has been lifted, finally the TRUTH emerges and I understand why my thighs quiver whenever a eye patch or a peg leg is about. Meaty balls and cold staring eyes of awareness touch my very soul as his all knowing Noodly Appendages wrap their tender loving wheat gluton tenticles about me, filling me with a hot sauce, like I have never known. rAmen indeed, thank you for finding this lost sheppard and guiding me unto the path of ragoonous – Janel Head

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