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I love this.

We live directly across the alley from a church with a made-up religion.

I recently installed a gigantic flagpole on the Crow’s Nest (yar yar yar) of our garage and every Sunday morning we proudly fly the pair of FSM flags shown in the attached photos.

It’s our humble attempt to save the souls of each Sunday’s arriving flock of misguided Methodists. Hopefully they will look up to see the light and pass over to prefer Pasta to Pastor. Thus will they begin to Walk the True Plank, experiencing the Creamy Richness of our Hollowed Noodly One.


Bruce and Susan

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  1. Virginia says:

    How do I get some flags??? I don’t see them in the store… Please let me know!

  2. Christian says:

    Wow. God doesn’t even have to reach that far to smite you. May the Lord Jesus rule over God’s people forever Amen.

  3. Bruce (of Bruce and Susan) says:

    The flags can be purchased here:


  4. Susan (of Bruce and Susan) says:

    Christian, you don’t know much about your religion.

    1. Your god is supposed to be omnipresent; he doesn’t have to reach.
    2. Jesus asked us not to smite each other but to “turn the other cheek.”

    You have so much to learn about your religion. Why not save time and join ours instead?

    Smile, don’t smite!

  5. Bruce and Susan says:

    We have taken down the flags.
    After two threats here and NO defense from ANY other Pastafarians on this site, we ask you to please not hurt us.
    We won’t fly the flags again.

  6. Buccaneer Banzai says:

    My fellow Pastafarians, it is a sad situation when not only is one’s freedom of religion threatened, but when free expression is met with threats from so-called “believers” in organized religion. I was raised Catholic, and would never think to threaten anyone with physical harm, in part because that is what my “religion” taught me.

    Alas, it has become obvious that these days, those who cling most tightly to their orthodoxy display behavior that is the polar opposite of the scripture they regurgitate and pretend to defend.

  7. Bruce (of Bruce and Susan) says:

    Oh wow–Buccaneer Banzai–THANKS for the comment of support! I hadn’t checked this thread lately because I thought nobody cared about the threats we have gotten over this.

    If just one more Pastafarian speaks out against “Jason”‘s and “Christian”‘s threats, we will fly the flags once again!

    RAmen to you!

  8. Naomi says:

    Hey Bruce and Susan,

    I think the flags are great! I’m off to get some of my own now.

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