This is the most idiotic thing

Published September 27th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Hahahahhaa. This is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard. Pastafarianism, what such bullshit, how about you all turn agnostic and end this?


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  1. yaerav says:

    As Ornj already wrote: agnostics are atheists without balls. Pastafarians however, dó have balls… as well as delicious sauce… hmmmmmmmmmm… sauce…

  2. Landlubber says:

    I am a lapsed agnostic.

  3. Joe. The Jew. says:

    what such?

  4. Teh Spag-worshipper (she of the crappy name) says:

    Are you sure you’re all right, Hoho? That’s quite a worrying laugh you’ve got there…

    Oh, yes, and why should we be agnostic? We know what there is, and we know it is the FSM. Perhaps, some day, you too shall achieve that level of understanding.

    Halloween is coming, after all. Become a pirate. Give out sweets. Go find ye some grog and some lusty wenches. Perhaps you, too, shall be touched by the noodly appendage.


    @ Skywalker (#40)

    Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone reference Life of Pi on the whole interwebz. Have an internet, you deserve it.

    @ anyone in the mood to end my confusion

    If the FSM touches you with his Noodly Appendage in a Catholic-priest sort of way, is that good or bad?

  5. Sarah D says:

    Because I’m Wiccan. :]

    @ Teh Spag:


  6. Anna says:

    @ least she admitted that shes a ho!

  7. Can You Beleive Some People? says:

    we are all agnostic or atheist, and I’m pretty sure being an agnostic doesn’t make you ball-less, you just haven’t decided you really think atheism is the way to go.

  8. marley says:

    som how does the fact some NUT CASE was cionvinced he was the MAN IN THE SKY’s son and had followers make more sense?
    i mean really think about it.

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