this is a stupid internet meme

Published September 29th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This is a stupid Internet Meme that has somehow turned into some kind of religion. Ranting at them is not going to help.

Before you ask, yes, I am Christian and believed Jesus died on the cross for all of us because he loved us that much.

If I may ask, though, would the FSM willing give up his own son (if he even has one) for a multitude of people who hate him, despise him, aim to obliterate his very existence? Even if this act only saved one person?


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  1. ForestsRequiem says:

    Christianity is a stupid radical cult that has somehow turned into some kind of religion. People ranted at us and it didn’t help

    Before you ask, yes, I am Pastafarian and I do not believe ‘Jesus’ person died on the cross for all of us because he loved us that much.

    If I may ask, though, would this ‘God’ guy be willing give up his own son (if he even has one) for a multitude of people who hate him, despise him, and aim to obliterate his very existance? Even if this act only saved one person? fix’d

    And the moral of this story is that Christianity was the most successful cult ever…


  2. Wdabrock says:

    “Meme”? You mean that you read “The Lucifer Principle”?
    Then, how can you not believe in the FSM? Understand that religious ideas are spread by the true believers(read,zealots!), not by the theologists; who,by and large only study the aesthetics of the religion. They don’t try to prove it’s existance. Its the nut cases that run around saying that they see Jesus in slices of toast, windows, and tree bark. Why should christians be the only ones to see a visage of their god everywhere? I see the FSM all around me. HEY… that cloud looks like him, so does a mass of maggots, so does that clump of grass, but a plate of pasta is more appealing. So, you just go ahead and pray to your cross and look forward to your afterlife of musical angels and streets of gold. I’m going for the strippers and beer volcanoes!

  3. Guy says:

    “would the FSM willing give up his own son for a multitude of people who hate him”





    you all eat his children and he still loves you all…

  4. Sean says:

    Actually yeah, as a pastafarian the FSM sacrificed a son of his noodely appendage to fill my belly and further save my life. FSM bless America.

  5. ButlerianJihad says:

    Christianity was converted into a tool for conquest and populous control by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

    History is jawsome

  6. Wench Renee says:

    I’m just wondering exactly why Jesus had to die for our sins anyway? Does that even make sense?! Isn’t God all powerful? Why wouldn’t he just create a world loudspeaker, and say “Hey – so, your sins? Forgiven. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness.” But instead, he sends a son to die for us? Because he loves us?

    I’m confused. It just doesn’t make sense. Besides, His Nodliness sends meatballs all the time. But they’re not for your sins. They’re for your tummy.

  7. tris says:

    Hello TheFewTheProudTheMarinara Post#84 –
    I found your comments on sacrifice very amusing…
    Yes the Christians are SO B.C.!
    Your post reminded me of why I like Pastafarianism and dislike fanaticism:
    It’s because, whereas the Christians who contribute to this site REALLY DO believe the weird ideas they profess, the Spaghetti Monsterists (or Pastafarians) PRETEND to believe… for satirical, ironic and humoristic purposes.
    This is a fundamental distinction… In fact the reason the Pastafarians write crazy fanatical things is because they are PRETENDING to be fanatics. They are inventing the tenets and belief system of this religion as they go along (in a creative way) and in the process they often produce a parody of Christian dialectics and its archaic forms of expression, and the results are often extremely funny (at least I think so!)… In fact they are SUPPOSED (intended) to be funny, while the things the Christians write are usually supposed (intended) to be serious, but actually they are often UNINTENTIONALLY funny!
    This is also due to the fact – which I commented on in a reply to “Hello, I am a Christian” post 144 – October 2nd – that ugly grammar (such as endless strings of subordinate and relative clauses), terrible spelling, obsessive CAPITALIZATION, non-sequiturs and clumsy, confused or ambiguous expression of over-complicated and undigested ideas is all typical of religious “believers”!
    So we can see that Pastafarianism comes from a completely different direction from Christianity because Pastafarians do not really believe their “faith”! When they seem to be attacking Christianity and other “faiths”, they are really defending the right of all people to believe whatever they want (and for scientists to continue their work without being harassed or hindered by Pre-Medieval and “B.C.” ideas, which are all very interesting in their own way, but should in no way be considered as a substitute for science).
    As well as this distinction between Christianity and Pastafarianism there is an even more fundamental distinction between Christianity and science. The first is based on a set of ancient texts, traditions and mostly obsolete belief systems, which have continued in a modified or deformed way until the present day, while the second is based on rational observation and logical analysis of our observable world.
    It is certainly possible that there is an UNobservable world, which in some way “created” or “formed” or “maintains” our observable world and “everyday reality”. In fact I find some Christian ideas fascinating from an anthropological and historical point of view (the wonderful weirdness of human cultural manifestations never ceases to amaze me!). But what Pastafarianism rightly points out is that there is no PROOF (in the scientific sense) that our world was created by the Christian God and that we should believe in the Christian set of ideas (some of which are in direct contradiction to logic and rationality) rather than any other ancient idea, or for that matter a new idea such as Pastafarianism. Just because in the west our relatively recent ancestors (centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire) believed in that stuff (often because it was imposed on their own ancestors by force and violence) doesn’t mean that we should too. Nor does it mean we should try to impose such beliefs on others. That is just a form of cultural colonialism and arrogance.
    Trying to replace the more typically modern scientific and rational forms of thought with such ancient non-scientific belief systems and superstitions is even more arrogant and dangerous… and could lead the world into another “dark age” of ignorance, intolerance and conflict.
    If we really want to progress as a species perhaps it is time to look at some of our belief systems in a more critical way, also by putting them in a historical and cultural context. The recent attempts of Christians to “save” or “modernise” their flagging religion by making it sound scientific and hyping it as a viable alternative to scientific research, or even as a substitute for rational scientific thought, is in fact a direct threat to hundreds of years of human progress, which basically started in the Renaissance.
    Christianity is more of a consolation than science for those people who are unable to understand the true depths of scientific wisdom… it in fact requires many years of study to appreciate it, as well as a relatively high IQ… but it cannot and must not REPLACE science! Religion is belief… science is knowledge!
    After all if the west still believed exclusively in Christianity we would probably still be subject to periodic plague epidemics and would be persecuting or burning homosexuals and handicapped people and everyone with original ideas… in fact many Christians are still trying to persecute those with original ideas, such as the inventors of this site (the persecution of original ideas has been a constant feature of Christianity ever since its institutionalisation under the Emperor Constantine)
    Pastafarianism is trying to make the light of tolerance and logic shine out. Pastafarians are in fact the torchbearers of a sort of relativistic truth, which is that all weird ideas (including Christianity!) are worthy of respect and toleration AS LONG AS THEY DON’T TRY TO REPLACE OR OPPRESS OTHER IDEAS. The fact that Pastafarianism is able to do this in a funny and ironic way means that they can criticise without entering into direct conflict. (I consider this the true stroke of genius of Mr Henderson… he has brought us salvation through laughter!).
    I will write more on the theme of humorism and its possible epistemological implications, in the section of this site called “Comment on the Open Letter”!
    I’ll just say 2 things here on the theme of humourism … I think it’s what keeps us sane… haven’t you noticed how seriously the fanatics take themselves? (and we all know how close fanaticism is to insanity!) I don’t think scientists consider their theories as being sacred articles of faith… and so they can joke about science. Not all scientists have a good sense of humour… but those that do are often hilarious!
    Science is actually based on self criticism (which is close to humorism) as well as the attempt to DISprove itself… if a theory is disprovable or non-provable then it is wrong. If religion were based on the same rigorous criteria there probably wouldnt be any religion!
    In conclusion, I’d just like to say that sometimes we just need to laugh at the fanatics. Let’s stop being so serious and politically correct when it comes to religion… everyone has a right to believe whatever they want… but I don’t think they have a right to force others to believe… if our respect for people’s beliefs means that we become afraid of the fanatics and fundamentalists and let their beliefs penetrate into areas where they don’t belong (such as science and medicine) we might end up like the Taliban, letting women die because doctors must not look at their bodies, or growing long stinky beards and putting smelly sacks over women’s faces because god or allah “tells us to do it” and blowing up beautiful statutes of Buddha because they belong to another religious tradition… is that what we want for us and our children??

  8. tris says:

    Oh by the way…
    My apologies to those of u have perhaps already read the version of this post on Pastafarianism and fanaticism I’ve sent in to the section of this site called “Comment on the Open Letter” (post #2469 – October 4th) addressed to Kaiser Bill and followed by another long exposition of my ideas on belief! I decided to send it twice ‘cos some of my messages aren’t getting posted… I don’t know why (don’t call me paranoid… I’m quite sure big Brother Bob isn’t censoring me!) presumably my internet connection is slightly fucked up… anyway, as I said in post #2450 of “Comment on the Open Letter” as the Romans used to say: “repetita iuvant”!
    Which reminds me, it’s time I repeated my Spaghetti Monster prayer, with a little modification (also to thank him for giving me the chance to spread the light of reason and rationality to humankind through his lovely site!):

    Our monster so great, such art in the plate
    Hallowed be thy scrummy yummy juicy sauces
    Thy kingdom come, some day, but not too late:
    Before we move onto our second courses!
    Give us this day our daily pasta
    And forgive us if we sometimes overcook it
    As we forgive them who eat it much faster
    (The important thing is not to overlook it!)
    And lead us not into false consummation
    Of dire dodgy dishes: nasty noodles or Ramen
    For thine is the source of the saucy sensation
    Forever and ever Spaghetti Monster amen!

    long live Pastafarianism! I love it!

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