Protein resembles FSM

Published September 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


I was viewing a Website for my biology course when I had this holy experience.


The ribbon model of the example protein (View five) Looks EXACTLY like His Noodlyness.

Recently, I have been doubting my faith in the FSM. I take this as a sign that he is still with me. I have never felt more touched than I do now.


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  1. lilwench says:

    Does this make the first “born-again” Pastafarian?

  2. Fliegenden Nudeln says:

    @ BlondeBeard, #6

    The molecule surely contains all of the essential amino acids, and it is no doubt electrophoretically pure since it comes from our Lord and Master the Paragon of Purity, the FSM.

  3. David says:

    I have a water stain in my basement that looks like FSM. Well, actually about 1/3 of 1/2 of FSM but you can’t get picky when it comes to divine stains. At times I can even see the stain crying, FSM seems to be shedding a tear over our suffering. Or possibly that’s water that caused the stain.

  4. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    Well, we must be skeptical from some particular claims: actually, every helix-ribbon model resembles Our Noodly Creator. The most important thing is to accept His noodly influence in the making of any polypetide chain. Unfortunately our youngsters do not receive this lesson in their Biochemical classes, and so they lack a complete and moral vision of cell processes.

  5. David Urry says:

    Check out the web site. Really, this is my first time on this site but there’s a large section on the website about spaggetti!

    Anybody selling the protien on e-bay?

  6. boydman says:

    Is more proof needed, that our creation was of Noodly design, than this?

  7. pastafarianScott says:

    FSM is real

  8. daqq says:

    Beat that Christian GOD!

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