lol you got to be kidding

Published September 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

lol you got to be kidding
a monster?
god is the only one
not this damn spaghetti monster
im tired of the bullshit


140 Responses to “lol you got to be kidding”

  1. hehe says:

    I just can’t understand how anyone could be so narcissistic as to say that his/her idea is “the only one.” If you trolls would at least read The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster you’ld see the truth of our philosophy, and yes I have read the bible, so no I’m not a hippocrite. I think the bible is a fantastic story. I don’t think your god (not the god, your god) wouldn’t be very happy at the hate mailers’ misrepresentation of his/her ideals.

  2. Lyz says:

    If your god is the only one…
    what about the Hindus? What about Buddists? What about US?

  3. Landlubber says:

    Were you trying to write a haiku?

  4. Kason says:

    If you’re tired then go to sleep…That’s what I usually do 8D

  5. kol_lord says:

    What does “God” look like anyways? He might be the FSM in disguise trying to test your faith.

  6. charles says:

    Is this Haiku?

  7. ponedonkey says:

    Which God?

  8. Pamantha says:

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

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