lol you got to be kidding

Published September 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

lol you got to be kidding
a monster?
god is the only one
not this damn spaghetti monster
im tired of the bullshit


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  1. redacted says:

    Is there anything we CAN say about this? I mean, there are no real arguments in this email.

  2. mv says:

    Well tiredofb.s we are tired of morons like you that do not know how to read and have no idea of the meaning of satire. Besides many religions would beg to differ to which God is the true religion. You are probably a Christian, (usually the ones sending hatemail how ironic, so un-christ like) and Christianity is a young relgilion compared to others that proceed it by thousands of years.

  3. Pasta pirate says:

    I agree, nothing can be said to this christan, making his post irrelevant.

  4. Blue Rogue Pierre says:

    Nah, leave the li’l’ bung rat a-lone.
    RAmen and booty, me mateys.

  5. squishy says:

    yes god is the only one and he is made of spaghetti

  6. brian says:

    lol you got to be kidding
    an invisible sky fairy?
    FSM is the only one
    not this damn bearded sky daddy
    im tired of the bullshit

  7. Ruse says:

    Who’s god? Which one? FSM is only one of hundreds, if not thousands. You aren’t the only one who thinks their god is the “only one”. You need to be a little more clear which one is the real “only one”. And, maybe provide some proof. You might have a novel, but that’s hardly proof. Most regions have some kind of story book. But, how many have graphs and pictures?

  8. kelly says:

    we’re tired of the bullshit too

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