I’ve seen some crazy shit in my life

Published September 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I ve seen some crazy shit in my life ….. but people actualy believing in this crap.you guys got 1 st prize @ the stupid awards!!!! futher do you people even know what all pasta s are made of please go look that up and explain that one to me ……. there is no words to describe just how stupid all this is !!!!! get real get a life and find The treu and only God

-De Wet

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  1. The Siz says:

    Take this idea.

    God is non-existent. The FSM is made of wheat and meat-based products, whereas God is made of nothing. Last time I tried to eat nothing, I felt empty. When I ate spaghetti and meatballs, hey presto, I was filled.

    This simple yet effective analogy should make sure that your “Treu and only God” doesn’t actually exist.

    Neither do the “Stupid Awards”, actally.

  2. Pasta tecum sit says:

    “The treu and only God”? I’ll assume you mean the Christian Gods. Yes, that’s right. Gods. In Genesis, in the original Hebrew, the plural form “Elohim” – Gods – instead of the singular, “El”, is used. So the opening sentence of the Bible should read “In the beginning, the Gods created Heaven and Earth.” Perhaps you’d like to re-evaluate your opinion of the “treu and ONLY God”.

    May you be touched by His noodly appendage and come to the light.


  3. bob says:

    this is some crazy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JDC says:

    I love how christians come onto to this site and claim our noodly lord is a load of crap!

    Have you not looked at your religion recently?

    You think you can walk on water and part seas and raise from the dead…

  5. The Impaler says:

    Dear De Wet

    The FSM is no more silly than the story of a man born of a virgin who is (one part of three of) the one god who walked on water and cured lepers and then died in the most amazingly grotesque fashion just to get our attention so that we would stand in awe at the violence he was capable of doing to himself. If you like that kinda shit, I have a couple of porn sites I can recommend to ya.

    The FSM is definitely less silly than the idea of creationism. Get stuffed.

  6. Can You Beleive Some People? says:

    another one for the trash can, to stupid to even explain to

  7. Boarg says:

    I think the lack of basic ability in spelling and grammar that is a recurring feature of our learned Christian friends’ correspondence should be made known far and wide. If anything would help convince parents not to send their kids to religious schools then this is it.

  8. Garrett says:

    You know. I really have to wonder, Bobby, do you pick all of the idiotic hate mail? Or is the Christian society have this loose of a grip on the concept of editing.

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