I’ve seen some crazy shit in my life

Published September 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I ve seen some crazy shit in my life ….. but people actualy believing in this crap.you guys got 1 st prize @ the stupid awards!!!! futher do you people even know what all pasta s are made of please go look that up and explain that one to me ……. there is no words to describe just how stupid all this is !!!!! get real get a life and find The treu and only God

-De Wet

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  1. Meisha says:

    Crazy? Us crazy?

    We don’t believe in talking snakes, people who made frogs rain down on Egypt, people who die and then come back as a Zombie King to forgive you of your sins, that one day said Zombie King would return and only take 144,000 people back with him, the pre-zombie’s mother remained a virgin for the rest of her life, that a thirty-three-year-old Jewish man was unmarried and celibate, and that if you don’t obey the word of the God represented in a book that was written by men looking to control the world that you would go to a place called hell and be in eternal pain.

    Now THAT’S crazy.

  2. Gordon says:

    If you can’t even spell true right, then I weep for you sir.

  3. Pastopia says:

    the stupid awards!!!!

    thats imaginative

  4. Lyz says:

    if you ask me, I think you should go fuck yourself and stop shoving your Jesus down our throats, and if you hate us so much, why do you bother so much time critisizing us and telling us how stupid we are?
    Maybe your the wrong one, at least we don’t go door to door, preaching our religion, handing out pamphlets to anyone who will take them.

  5. brinona says:

    You would have to have a sense of humor to recognize satire when you see it.

  6. haha says:

    haha you missspelled true……

  7. Landlubber says:

    There are stupid awards? How is it that De Wet knows about them and I haven’t… ohhh…

  8. Eloka says:

    FSM monster seems no more idiotic than a invisible man in the sky!

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