Historic Proof of his Noodley Intervention

Published September 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

The above photo was provided by Pastafarian Eric. I will assume it’s legitimate unless someone proves otherwise (as per all matters of religion).

33 Responses to “Historic Proof of his Noodley Intervention”

  1. jeremykeys says:

    Does this mean that the FSM is female? Couldn’t go out on a date because she was on her pyramid?

  2. GummiHU says:

    @jeremykeys that was just bad

  3. Denyal says:

    I had no idea that he was apart of that movement…. But after seeing this proof, and thinking about it, how COULDN’T have he overseen these amazing creations! He truly is all powerful and all knowing!

    *Bows down to his overload FSM and his noodley appendages*

  4. Tristan says:

    It is clear that The flying spaghetti monster was simply having a friend take a photo for his myspace and he forgot to delete his profile when the site went big (bought by the greeks)

  5. Raist says:

    Obviously proof of his existence. But why did he have his invisibility off? A few too many beers that day?

  6. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    Some people are skeptical about this very early photographs. They sustain in Photography classes around the world, that the very art of photography was not invented till 1830s. However, this fabricated consensus is unconsistent to our values. So, I beg them to Teach the Controversy about piramides and photographs!!!

  7. Advantageous Mongoose says:

    Pyramids were built by Egyptians as a manifestation of beer volcanoes on earth and a gateway to the afterlife, the Egyptians brewed beer and a number of reliefs carved into tombs depict this. I believe this shows the moment when the FSM touched the Egyptians with his noodly appendages and stopped them building anymore of those stupid pyramid things. He would really rather they didn’t toil all day in the sun dragging rocks around. Curiously enough the first records of pirates we have come from Egypt after the age of pyramid building had finished.

  8. Thomas O'brien says:

    You guys are fucking amazing keep doing what ur doing… This fuking awesome. I can’t describe the giddy goodness I feel looking at this… Its just too freak’n godly… This made my day!!!lol

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