Published September 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


52 Responses to “Arrgh!”

  1. gamgeek says:

    May th’ FSM be with ye, mateys. Jolly speak Like a scurvy pirate Day!

  2. gamgeek says:

    ps. By th’ way, band ‘o pirates be cooler than ninjas

  3. Buccaneer Joe says:

    Ahoy! Currently in class dressed like a pirate wit’ a hoarse voice ‘n a sassy parrot, I’m doin’ me part t’ spread t’ good word (that word being “Arr”) and so are the jim lads I converted last year. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

  4. Ande says:

    AAAAhhh noo, I forgot!! could’t you give a heads up about these things in advance?

  5. Fliegenden Nudeln says:

    Well, shiver me timbers, the temperature here in Portland be ten degrees lower today cause of the pirate manner of speakin’. Hoist a noggin of rum to our Holy FSM, all ye Pastafarian Pirates.

  6. Almeida says:

    Bring me one noggin of rum! Ahoy!

  7. jorge says:

    Hi Jairo! did’t jnow there where other pastafarians in Colombia! I am from Cali(Valle) where are you from?
    I have lost my jolly roger :o ! you bastards buccaneers have you stolen it? you are not worth even to navigate a boat accross the river! You’ll see when I found it.
    Mean while, gimme a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
    Happy talk like a pirate day!

  8. Captain Headwound says:

    Yaargh, Ye be needin’ to tell us these things earlier, matey. not the day of the holiday. I be unable to be talkin’ like this till now!

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