Argentine FSM cake

Published September 18th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

My wife Lucía did me this wonderful FSM cake for my 47th birthday. I had to give a lot of explanations when I brought it to my workplace but it was worth the effort!


Buenos Aires, Argentina.



That is one of the best FSM cakes I’ve seen. How did He taste?

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  1. Pope Pixel I says:

    That is truly… beautiful *tears*

  2. Fliegenden Nudeln says:

    Happy Birthday Marcelo from all of the Pastafarian Pirate crew. May the FSM’s noodly appendages hover over you in the coming year. RAmen

  3. A believer in FSM says:

    Happy birthday!! By the way I don’t know who Marcelo is.Is he a devout believer inFSM? I pray that His noodly appandages will touch all living things in the universe.And、this cake must have been delicious.

    P・S I’m a japanese colledge student、live in Oita prefecture Kyusyu Japan.

  4. David says:

    I hope you did consecrate this cake! It is the height of sacrilege to let non-believers eat consecrated FSM.

  5. Nahmala says:

    Arrgh, methinks this cake is fit for a true Pastafarian, like yerself, Marcelo. This cake has been touched by FSM Himself! Kudos to yer wife. She has truly be touched by His noodly-ness.

    BTW, have yerselves a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  6. Meisha says:

    Awesome! Happy birthday! Tell you wife for me that she rocks!

  7. Tyler says:

    arrgh, that be a mighty fine lookin’ cake, RAAAAAAAAmen!

  8. Monkey the Sailor says:

    Happy Birthday, mate!

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