A proud day for Pastafarians

Published September 26th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

[Pastafarians stage a counter-protest. Photo cred – Brian Chilson]

It was a victory for Pastafarians everywhere.

Last Friday – Talk Like a Pirate Day – the Central Arkansas Pastafarians interrupted and caused the discontinuation of a Westboro Baptist Church hate-demonstration.

Westboro Baptist Church is best known for picketing funeral processions of soldiers killed in the Iraq War, but they hate everyone who doesn’t share their literal interpretation of the Bible.

From Wikipedia:

The church runs numerous websites such as GodHatesFags.com, GodHatesAmerica.com and others expressing condemnation of homosexuality, Roman Catholics, Muslims and Jews, as well as populations it believes are supporting the aforementioned groups, including Chinese, Swedes, Canadians, Irish, British, Mexicans and Americans.

These guys are intolerant assholes; I am so happy to see our fellow Pastafarians ruin their day.

The Arkansas Times had this to say about the Pastafarian counter-protest:

What do you do to make a bunch of soulless nutcases abandon their post at the Convention Center? Send in the pirates!

Yep, the cuckoo Phelps hate group walked the plank this morning after a happy bunch dressed like pirates and holding signs saying “God hates shrimp — Leviticus” and “God hates cotton-polyester blends” stood opposite them at the corner of Markham and Scott streets. The group, made up of Central Arkansas Pastafarians, waved swords and growled “Arrghh!” in a manner that would have made Abbie Hoffman proud.

With cars honking and waving at the pirates and a TV crew giving them all the attention, the Phelps group — with a child in tow, sadly — picked up their “fag” epithets and went away. Pitiful.

A sincere thank you to the Central Arkansas Pastafarians. You made us all proud.

You can read more at the Arkansas Times website.

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  1. Isaac says:

    If you guys want to see something funny check out what Charles Firth from The Chaser’s War on Everything did to these WBC nutters at a picket of a Marine’s funeral in 2006


    Anyone know of any other fellow Pastafarians in Australia? I’ve been trying to get a following started to protest our Federal Governments plan to censor the Internet but Aussies already have beer volcanos and strippers all over the place.

  2. Beverly says:

    Makes me proud. I vow to do this should those WBC assholes show up here in the Tampa Area.


  3. Kimby says:

    I am so, so proud of my fellow Pastafarians.

  4. Piratey Ninja says:

    Arrrr! I wish there were some groups like this in Calgary, but alas, I have only ever met one other Pastafarian in the whole city! I don’t suppose there are already groups in Calgary I am unaware of? If so, stop hiding from me!
    Jolly well done to you Arkansas Pirates, you’re an inspiration to all! RAmen to you all!

  5. Marcy Marc says:

    Hooray for pastafarians finally someone’s doing something about the WBC i live in britain and dont know any other pastafarians im so alone

  6. The Lone NZ FSM Believer says:

    holy crap they are getting federal and local police to help “stop” any interruptions…….. dammit

  7. Rick Gladwin says:


    And, I might add, YAArrr…

  8. DreamsOfYore says:

    I know this might seem kinda pointless with all the other comments saying the same thing. But i feel i need to say it.

    Im very proud of you guys.

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