You guys are fucking creepy

Published August 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You guys are fucking creepy. I love spaghetti, and if i saw your so called “god” i’d throw some alfredo sauce on him and have me a nice italian/false god meal.
-Concerned Adult

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  1. tboard says:

    WOW i love this!! is the EAT YOUR GOD day!!


  2. Patrick says:

    Best hate mail yet funny buit wrong the FSM is within us all!

  3. ckret2 says:

    Us, eat His Noodly One? Why, that sounds a whole lot like the Christian practice of eating Jesus, only a lot tastier and free of the creepy cannibalistic connotations! I think I’ll go have some pasta myself.


  4. Ni says:

    “accept Him (the FSM) in the most intimate way possible.”

    …I wonder if I’m the only one who has drawn porn involving His Noodliness? (I couldn’t resist doing it… all those noodly apendages…)

  5. Kason says:

    See? its not so bad! FSM fest the hungry! more then what ‘Jesus’ ever did! well except for that one fish thing fur Spaghetti’s waaaay tasty-er! 8D

  6. Jo says:

    what this person fails to realize is that we partake in spaghetti on a regular basis. “concerned adult” would just be getting the pastafarian version of communion :P

  7. Viperish fall says:

    But eating spaghetti is a form of worship….so yes eat up


  8. Blaze8902 says:

    Oh, I feel it.

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