You guys are fucking creepy

Published August 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You guys are fucking creepy. I love spaghetti, and if i saw your so called “god” i’d throw some alfredo sauce on him and have me a nice italian/false god meal.
-Concerned Adult

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  1. sky lukewarmer says:

    Dudes a pastafarian he just doesn’t know it yet!

  2. NotASheep says:

    Alfredo? NOOOO!

  3. pinataheart says:

    @ MAN -124-:
    Sadly it is quite likely that someone as unlearned as him would have children.
    On the bright side, it is unlikely that his children will be smart enough to read until they are his age.

  4. Ian says:

    Concerned Adult, yeah, you’re a concerned “Adult” all right, at least we don’t make threats to eat your deity. FREAK!

  5. Joukahainen says:

    swallow the truth one bit at a time

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