wtf is wrong with you ppl

Published August 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

WTF is wrong with you ppl??? HOw can you believe in spaghetti??? This is really pointless you guys believe in a creepy monster okay???????
Okay….no offense but the spaghtti thing has meat balls…..

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  1. Freeter says:

    Don’t appologise. Of course His Noodliness has got balls. Big meat balls.


    And an extra Tan Tan Men to make it spicy.

  2. Summer Glau says:

    These various arguments obviously have some fallacies in it. First of all, the fact that his noodly appendage has meatballs, does not require that He does not exist, because you can never know that He does not exists. Like this:

    (i) Necessarily: If a knows P, then P is true.
    (ii) If a knows P, then necessarily: P is true (i.e. is a necessary truth).

    Note that the only difference between (i) and (ii) is that the “scope” of the modal operator “necessarily” shifts. But as a result, very different claims are made. Claim (i) is true. Necessarily, you cannot know what’s not true (you can at best, only believe it). But claim (ii) is false – we can know things that aren’t necessary truths.

    This shows an astonishing – I am tempted to say almost wilfull – misunderstanding of how evidence actually works.

    In conclusion, on examining the above post by BobbyHenderson, after carefully working my way through the haze of spelling errors (documented in section 3), abuse of capitalization (section 4), and general crimes against grammar and syntax (sections 7-8), I have demonstrated that, beneath it all, the work betrays the author’s staggering ignorance of the history and the workings of our electoral system. While the author’s wildly swerving train of thought did at one point flirt with coherence, this brief encounter was more likely a chance event (see statistical analysis in table 5) than a result of even rudimentary lucidity.

    Summer Glau

    P.S. Don’t forget to check out the next season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles this fall on Fox!

  3. Higgy says:

    May I see the abuse you sent to other religions, it’s bound to be hilarious…

  4. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    You know, in almost every thread someone calls Jesus a zombie. I’d like to know if there was ANY sighting of Jesus other than by his fanatical followers. Even there it goes something like “Oh, yeah? Well…well..I saw Jesus BEFORE you did! Yeah, that’s right – he talked to me!

  5. hehe says:

    have you ever heard of a neat little concept called “satire”? :)

  6. Kason says:

    how it is pointless? it is a very fulfilling and filling religion!

  7. Aj says:

    Its amusing how almost none of the people who citicise this clearly do not understand the meaning of parody.
    Haha “creepy monster”, oh actually I concur, that is far more scary than a (presumably) giant old man who lives in the sky.

  8. Teh Spag-worshipper (she of the crappy name) says:

    Are you quite sure you have enough question marks there?????????????

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