what the fuck

Published August 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

what the fuck have pirates got to do with anything


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  1. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Well, SOMETHING’S causing global warming, and I don’t want to give up the Hummer.

  2. tahnokkal267 says:

    omg, this post is so hilarious, i may quote this. :) but seriously, i would learn more about something before you start swearing at it. For more info look up the eight I’d really rather you didnts, and find number 5.

  3. Tarquin F Smythe QJM says:

    Pirates have as much to do with everything as anything else does or something or nothing. I wish people would’nt use profanity to express even the simplest query. Although I do accept that the ‘f’ word is a very versatile one.

  4. joe momma says:

    genius… pure genius…

  5. Heyzoose says:

    Pirates rule.. Look at Wall Street, they have been stealing money for years from stupid investors and now that they are being caught are running down to their Marina’s and sailing their multi-million dollar yachts off into the sunset. They will be well stocked up with Pasta and beer to make sure the Faith continues. Unfortunately, I had eaten too much Pasta and drank too much beer to be in a position to emulate these clever Pastafarians and when I woke up in the gutter outside of a church (and not remembering much of the past ten years) and asked for a measly $100K handout, the Rotten Christians (RC) threw me out!!!
    This shows that charity begins on the high seas and you have to self serve, and obviously a cutlass is the way to achieve this. Enough said…have more beer in the cooler.

  6. Maverick says:

    “What the fuck have pirates got to do with anything”

    Surely you should know that pirates don’t “GOT” to do anything at all. They’re pirates, they can just drink rum if they like.

    And secondly if they “GOT” to do something it won’t be with “ANYTHING” it will be with something specific, like gold, or treasure, or wenches, or the East India Trading Company, or…


    Aaargh. I need more rum before i do more grammar.

  7. Joel says:

    pirates control the weather, thats how


  8. ME DUH says:

    Sigh… my child, you have much to learn about Pastafarianism, also known as reality.
    Pirates, as Tarquin F Smythe QJM said, ‘have as much to do with everything as anything else does or something or nothing’. Quite well put.
    Also, they are really awesome, they control the weather, and they are the FSM’s most valued creature (aside from the midgit, although it is uncertain which one he prefers).

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