what the fuck

Published August 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

what the fuck have pirates got to do with anything


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  1. David J says:

    You see, believers like ahf are so accustomed to the correlation = causation fallacy that they don’t even realize when they see it in satirical form.

    The FSM is our god, and Captain Jack Sparrow is our (un-)Holy Ghost.

  2. Bobert says:

    If you read our graph you will see that pirates have everything to do with the world Matey!!


  3. A Concerned Pastafarian says:

    Everything, you fool. They are the chosen people of the Great Noodly One, the one deity that actually exists, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  4. OrigamiSquared says:

    They are the chosen people.

  5. Gary Lyons says:

    Pirates are relevant everywhere – you are surrounded!


  6. Red Dutch Pasta Wench says:

    Read the letter to the school board before you post! Not hard to find, look under About.

  7. Pirate Number 12 says:

    Please be advised of our scientific chart proving that the lack of Pirates are the cause of global warming. Obviously this shows how extremely important the pirates are to the world.

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster be praised for all our noodly appendages!
    – Pirate Number 12

  8. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:


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