What a bunch of fools you all are

Published August 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

What a bunch of fools you all are

Jesus is coming soon and I hope you are all ready fellows. Meow!

–Prudence Kitten

Another one from her:

I am sure you guys are idiots for not accepting Jesus as your savior. You do understand that He loves you and wants you to be in heaven with him. Are you blind or soemthing ot just stupid? I wouldnt give you a tin of cat food cos you just might not eat it!

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  1. Dave3Rave says:

    According to various Churches, Jesus has been about to return for the best part of 2,000 years.

  2. nuhudollo says:

    Really! I DO hope he loves Pasta.

  3. Pirate Number 12 says:

    Oh and here I thought Jesus had already come, magicked up some fish and wine and spat in blind peoples eyes and so forth and then died for our sins?

    Anyways if Jesus comes around to say hello I will make sure to give him a nice bowl of spaghetti and discuss the greatness of the FSM with him.

    Best regards,
    Pirate Numer 12
    All hail the Spaghetti Monster!

  4. Dennis says:

    Is Jesus comming back as a cat?

  5. Iron Mike says:

    Jesus is coming soon. Morning or night or noon. Oh, my…… Lions, tigers,and bears. I’m soooo afraid.

  6. Algebra Problems says:

    If Jesus comes the FSM will touch him with his noodly appendage and Jesus will tell you that God has changed his fire & brimstone ways and no longer wants to torture non-believers for eternity. He will tell you to adopt the moral code of the FSM which commands you to accept others beliefs and above all to wear pirate regalia!!

    • Matt Hatter says:

      The Great Noodly One tells me to dress as a Ninja. AARRGH!

  7. Melissa Jackson says:

    Jesus will return at the end of everything? Yes?

    The Earth is to be destroyed
    2 Pet 3:10/ Heb 1:11/ Rev 20:11
    The Earth is never to be destroyed
    Ps 104:5/ Eccl 1:4

    Answer this then:
    So when will he come?

  8. Clemens says:

    You know, at the moment you see some catastrophes and some wars and think, “gee that’s what’s written in some prophecies”. However, people thought that all the time:
    – In 70 A.D. when the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem
    – In the time of the Romans persecuting the Christians, culminating in the great hunts of Nero and Diocletian
    – During and after the crusades
    – During the black death
    – During the 100 years war between France and Britain
    – After the massive and fatal earthquake in Lisbon in 19th century
    – All the time a comet showed up on the night sky
    – Before WW I
    – After WW I
    – Before WW II
    – After WW II

    I could go on for quite a while. You get the point?

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