Pretty sure your using this theory to make fun of real religion

Published August 11th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Pretty sure your using this theory to make fun of real religion. but its really quite stupid and lame because firstly, Noone was created in the image of the FSM (wtf!) secondly you have seriously zero proof of any writings from ancient times. Thirdly you are probably some year six kid looking for attention over the internet cos in life, you’re too much of a idiot for anyone to pay attention to.

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  1. nat dunkley says:

    Did you read Luke where jesus is claimed to be god? Or the bit in revelation where the devil is meant to be a severn headed dragon who has a fight with an angel? Or the whore who sleeps with the kings to send them to hell, which is where everyone who doesnt believe or hasnt heard of jesus will go.

    I m just curious, why should a 1 month old baby go to hell. what has it done to warrent it apart from to be born. Do you believe in adam and eve despite carbon data proving that the world is older than the bible says. And the bit in genesis where the world was made before the stars.

    If adam and eve werent real there was no need for jesus to redeem the world. So there is no point being a christian unless you believe in adam and eve. Otherwise god made the world to damn the majority of people to hell, due to shit P.R from (originally) jesus’s, sorry, gods disciples.

    Come join our alternative form of lunacy.

  2. PastaDisciple says:

    (I’m) Pretty sure you’re using this post to promote Hermans Hermits. If Peter Noone was indeed created in the image of the FSM, then we would be able to treat “I’m Into Something Ggood” as a gospel song (maybe the “something good” of the title represents pasta sauce?). In the fast moving world of pop music, recordings from the 1960s probably count as ancient texts.

  3. ObscurePasta says:

    “secondly you have seriously zero proof of any writings from ancient times.”

    Correct me if I’m reading this wrong, but that implies that if its ancient, its correct, right?
    Hey guys! The astronauts are wrong! The Earth is flat!!!
    What can we do!!?


  4. JJ says:

    “Pretty sure your using this theory to make fun of real religion. ”
    You’re a genious… His Great Noodliness has finally shed some of his spaghetti on you. Ramen!

  5. robert says:

    um,…i’m pretty sure everyone knows this noodly monster of justice, the flying spaghetti monster, isnt real. it’s a joke and if you cant grasp that then you must be to idiotic for anyone to pay attention to in real lift. i’m a catholic but i still find this amusing. its all just a joke and you should realize that. for everyone with a brain however, we realize this is just a joke. and if you didnt notice, the pastafarians defended a christian burial by disrupting one of those stupid anti-war protests that people do at funerals for soldiers. This clearly shows that pastafarians don’t really believe in the monster, because if they did, they wouldnt have driven off the protesters, you moron

  6. hehe says:


  7. DavidChipman says:

    I’m pretty sure Pastafarians aren’t trying to make fun of religious, per se. What they’re making fun of is the idea of using religious explanations for things that have testable explanations provided by science. Believe what you want, we don’t much care. What gets to us is people spreading their beliefs through science.

  8. kol_lord says:

    What makes a religion real in the first place. Look up religion, it is the synonym of belief; how can a belief be real, its abstract. The FSM maybe real or not, but he’s invisible, like God, so we will never know.

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