My 7-yr old niece is more mature than you

Published August 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

There are better ways of voicing your opinions of the world and its people’s beliefs than being a complete douche and just making a mockery of everything. Grow up my man. Grow some balls.

— sfoorman

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  1. DeepThorn says:

    why not have fun with it instead of being a jerk? if you are so tied up in any religion that you can’t laugh about this, you really need to lighten up, because what in the hell is heaven going to be like with a bunch of stiff prudes.

  2. The Weeg says:

    Me balls be made of ground beef. Arrrgggggggg!!

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Red Dutch Pasta Wench Says @ #87:
    “Moose, that’s disgusting. Child abuse is NEVER funny. Make fun off this idiot all you want, but this way just isn’t funny.”

    Strongly seconded Red!

  4. taytay says:

    all of you are stupid! fsm is bull crap! i pity ya’ll when ou figure out in HELL that you were wrong.

  5. Your face says:

    ‘They have some balls.
    They’re bigger than yours!

  6. dylan robbins says:

    first off all.
    go fuck yourself.
    if you are so mature.
    accept it.
    ignore it
    go the fuck home person

  7. Blaze8902 says:

    Your seven your old niece is most likely more mature than you, sfoorman!

  8. lovehumanity says:

    Ahh…but FSM does have balls…meatballs! All hail FSM!

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