My 7-yr old niece is more mature than you

Published August 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

There are better ways of voicing your opinions of the world and its people’s beliefs than being a complete douche and just making a mockery of everything. Grow up my man. Grow some balls.

— sfoorman

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  1. Tim says:

    Again with the swearing (sort of—I assume s/he isn’t French and means the US version of the word “douche” as an insult). Jesus would be very disappointed.

  2. Dave Hudson says:

    Actually, I can think of no better way than making a mockery. Long live the FSM. Hail!

  3. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    So instead of mocking, you think we should start a violent rebellion? Satire is an effective method of pointing out the absurd – like Creationism.

  4. Tarquin F Smythe QJM says:

    Is it not written…..
    “Mock ye not for fear ye may be mocked unto.”……and if its not then perhaps it should be.

    How dare these non believers challenge our faith.

    Is it permissible to declare the FSM Church equivalent of a ‘fatwah’on non believers?

    Would a more radical approach let non believers who walk among us have more respect for our beliefs?

    I would opt for a non violent type ‘fatwah’ or holy war against the ‘infidels’ or what ever it is we should be calling ‘them’.

    Praise be the meaty noodly one.

    T F Smythe QJM

  5. Yohoho says:

    Aarr, me hearties, ya don’ unnerstand: Mocking myths is terrible. Killing innocent women and children in the name of false gods* is quite acceptable. In fact, there’s a Book about it . . .
    *and oil

  6. Red Dutch Pasta Wench says:

    Moose, that’s disgusting. Child abuse is NEVER funny. Make fun off this idiot all you want, but this way just isn’t funny.

  7. Advantageous Mongoose says:

    Moose, you are an idiot. That was as bad as any of the hate mail posted here and worse than most of it.

  8. Edgar Boffin says:

    Shut up Moose, you aren’t helping.

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