We have taken the time to read your manifesto

Published August 13th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

WE have taken the time to read your manifesto, and we think that you are crazy!!

And i personally cannot even fathom the level of mental retardation that you are on right now. how could you even think that their is a flying spaghetti monster out there. If this flying spag-hetti monster really exist how in the world did this thing form and tell me if their was spaghetti thousands of years ago through which he can form himself and move through walls.

How old is the person who invented this flying spag-hetti monster and was it a figment of his imagination, and how could people be so stupid to actually believe this non-sense!!!!!!

And why did you choose pirates that is basiclly sayin that the killing of human beings is the result of global warming send us an email explaining your logic toward this shirade.


p.s. respond if you can defend your logic. thank you.

–stephen and darriel

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  1. wpolscemamymocneseo says:

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  3. Baron of Bergland says:

    It took two of you to write that?

  4. Alphy says:

    “…a figment of his imagination, and how could people be so stupid to actually believe this non-sense!!!!!! ”

    So, you want to talk about people believing in figments of their imagination, then go talk to one of the fundamentalists who claim to have “a personal relationship with the Savior”. You can not have a personal relationship without a corporal entity, a real living here and now flesh and blood person. And; since fundies don’t believe in the sacrament of the Eucharist, there is no substance of any kind, no corpus, so what fundies are having a relationship with is nothing more than a figment of the imagination. How could they be so stupid to believe in that non-sense? How could they be so stupid as to believe in “rapture” or Jonah living in a whale’s belly for three days or any of the other so called “miracles” in the buybull?

  5. dharmendra singh rana says:

    Yeah and just turn these arguments to the religious fundamentalits (I wont single our christian alone, I was born hindu and all religions look same to me).

    You talk about believing figment of imagination – what does a christian or muslim of a hindu beleive in? A god backed by empirical evidence? The point is if, according to you FSM is figment of imagination, then the whole theory of jesus, mohammed, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Bodisatva ought to be so. Why did this point not touch you? because you are so deeply indoctrined that it never ocured to you that the religion you beleive might also be as laughable and as unbelievable as you find FSM.

    So go get a faith check before you even qualify to comment on this new religion. And if you could inculcate some sense of humour as well, that will be a great help in understanding the greatness of his noodlyness the FHM – who boiled for thy sins.

    • dharmendra singh rana says:

      correction in the text:)…

      what does a christian or muslim or a hindu beleive in?

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