We have taken the time to read your manifesto

Published August 13th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

WE have taken the time to read your manifesto, and we think that you are crazy!!

And i personally cannot even fathom the level of mental retardation that you are on right now. how could you even think that their is a flying spaghetti monster out there. If this flying spag-hetti monster really exist how in the world did this thing form and tell me if their was spaghetti thousands of years ago through which he can form himself and move through walls.

How old is the person who invented this flying spag-hetti monster and was it a figment of his imagination, and how could people be so stupid to actually believe this non-sense!!!!!!

And why did you choose pirates that is basiclly sayin that the killing of human beings is the result of global warming send us an email explaining your logic toward this shirade.


p.s. respond if you can defend your logic. thank you.

–stephen and darriel

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  1. Joe. The Jew. says:

    “Effect” is spelled with an A here…

  2. Teh Spag-worshipper (she of the crappy name) says:

    We have deconstructed your criticism, Stephenanddarriel, and come to the conclusion that you do not know where hyphens belong.

    Besides, if one reads the Gospel (and I may be wrong in this), I do believe that it says that piracy was actually based around the practice of handing out candy, and the raping and pillaging are merely byproducts.

    We also have MPD, apparently. Or are possibly just royalty.
    Otherwise, we have no explaination for why this is being written in the plural, except that, from your capitalisation of ‘we’ at the beginning of this ‘argument’, it is clearly important.

    We remain sincerely yours,


  3. ronnie says:

    yall are really fucked

  4. Jeebuz says:

    Somewhere, in a dark room, grammar and spelling hold each other close, as they die a little more.

  5. Sqid says:

    “how could you even think that their is a flying spaghetti monster out there.”
    How could you think there was a god out there?

    “If this flying spag-hetti monster really exist how in the world did this thing form”
    How did god form?

  6. Ken says:


    Enough of this heresy and blasphemy against the Mighty Pasta in the Sky! Can you not feel the love from the noodly tendril that gently bears down on your misled and cruelly indoctrinated cranium? Just…..have…..faith! Simple!

    And in the words of Richard Dawkins, “Be a happy chappy.”


  7. Gabriel Brasileiro says:

    there are 2 major characteristics of god in the bible:

    1- he is benevolent
    2- he is omnipotent

    now, if he is both omnipotent and benevolent, why is there evil?
    if he is omnipotent but not benevolent, why do you worship him?
    if he is benevolent but not omnipotent, why do you call him god?
    and if he is neither, well, then i’d say your a bunch of idiots

    the flying spaghetti monster is a much more credible god, for he is not contradicting himself with every new passage of his gospel that you read

  8. Macta says:

    Gabriel Brasileiro… You are my hero within the noodley apendages of the great FSM… what you posed was extremely well thought out and damned right PERFECT! I bow to your words of wisdom and I hope the great FSM showers you with his grace!


    p.s. i’m being serious, this is not to slander you at all! you had a great post that makes ALOT of sense!

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