I’m a bit confused

Published August 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I’m a bit confused about this website, and maybe someone would kindly enlighten me… Why take so much trouble to try and dismantle fundamental Christianity if you all sincerely disbelieve it?

I wonder why this whole movement feels like they’re so threatened by Jesus if he’s not real.

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  1. Aesi says:

    Uhm, no offense, but you’ve read us wrong. ;)
    We don’t try to dismantle anything other than the masses of, well, idiotic, racist, sexist jerks. :P

  2. Arg Sayer says:

    Dear Confused,

    Yes. Someone decided to dismantle fundamental (fun-da-mental) Christianity by putting up a Web site. Right.

    This site is trying to stop the teaching of Christian beliefs as science in the classroom. If fundamental Christianity is dismantled in the process, I’ll consider it a blessing.

    RAmen. Arg.

  3. brian says:

    WHen have you ever seen a pastafarian write hate mail on a Jesus website?

    Look at the plethora of hatemail from your fellow “Christians.” Even we know that the guy named Jesus wouldn’t approve of these actions.

    But, I guess you don’t get satire or science.

  4. Stephanie says:

    The United States has around 15,000 homicides per year (the highest of all Industrialized Nations).
    76% of these violent criminals are Christian (at the time of the act) despite the fact that only 68% of Americans call themeselves Christian and only 40% attend church services on any regular basis.
    While Atheists comprise about 15% of the U.S, population, only 0.2% of us are in jail for ANY offense at all (and not just violent offenses).
    Does 99.7% of criminals being assoiated with religion that explain why we think belief in Jesus (or any such religious figure) is a threat?

  5. Noodly Diddly says:

    A) (Wrong) – Confused indeed you are, this is not about dismantling anything.

    B) (Wrong) – It is not trouble, it’s fun.

    C) (Wrong) – Only His Noodly Appendage can enlighten you.

    D) (Wrong) – Pirates are never threatened.

    E) (Right) – Jesus is not real.

    So that’s 20%. You fail.
    Recommendations : Pasta and beer three times a week until Touched.

    May your life be enhanced by the joys of the Parmesan. FSMspeed.

  6. I Drive a YAR-is says:

    We are not scared of Jesus, Just scared of what people do in his name.

  7. Mitch says:

    You see, that’s the worst of it. The world is threatened by something that’s not real! Forget all the movie monsters, comets destroying the earth and evil super villians. The world is being destoryed by a belief that’s slowly sucking the life out of everyone.

    Nearly every war on the face of the planet since the start of Christianity has a religious background to it. People are so impressed with the rightness of what they believe that they feel the need to point out the wrongness of everything else.

    That’s why people telling us that they pray for our salvation and that hopefully we’ll see the light is so funny. They’ve already made the decision that they are right, so therefore we must be wrong. Even the scientific community doesn’t have that much swagger. Even when scientists say they’re right, they come with 1) evidence and 2) the understanding that it may not be the right answer, but it’s the best available under the circumstances. Or at least better than the fledgling deity in the sky saying “because I said so.”

    By the way, Jesus himself is not threatening. After all he calmly accepted being nailed to two by fours. Had he rained down fire on them for their audacity, he might be threatening. No, Jesus is not scary (accept for some really creepy artist renditions of his crusifiction.)

    The scary part is how people have taken what he stood for and mutated it for the purpose of controlling people. As a witch, I find that most Christians are sheep. And as we all know, most sheep get led to the slaughter. Doesn’t this frighten you? I see Christianity as a disease on this planet, consuming the minds of people and leaving mindlessness and numbness in it’s wake. I see the Church of the FSM and all other non-Christian religions as the sole surviors of this plague. And becuase of that, I am not threatened in the least.

  8. Interzone420 says:

    Did you even read the beginning letter? That explains it all. If we can argue Christian creationism as an alternative to Darwinian evolution, who not advocate for Hinduism or for our Lord and Savior the Almighty FSM?

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