I’m a bit confused

Published August 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I’m a bit confused about this website, and maybe someone would kindly enlighten me… Why take so much trouble to try and dismantle fundamental Christianity if you all sincerely disbelieve it?

I wonder why this whole movement feels like they’re so threatened by Jesus if he’s not real.

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  1. PastaPasta233 says:

    Cato, you have been misled by those who would have you worship another.
    We do not fear Jesus at all, because we do not believe he is anything more than a kind man who lived about 2000 years ago.

    All we wish to do is show those who follow faith blindly with a complete disregard for the facts that they are wrong, because they have been proved wrong time and time again. We hope that when they see that our religion is wrong (because science has disproved it and it is ludicrous), they will realize that their religion is a lie as well, for the same reasons that ours is.

    And if that doesn’t work, we will eat pasta, worship the FSM in peace, and forget about all those idiots.

    Peace, Love, and Pirates to All!!

  2. PastaPasta233 says:

    X3M: Show me proof that God exists, and I will convert.
    CHRISTIANITY IS ALL ABOUT LOVING EACH OTHER?!?!?!? You don’t need Christianity for that. It bases its beliefs on an obsolete, ancient book written by primitive humans. Why don’t you forget Christianity and lead a good life without ridiculous rules? If you don’t know what ridiculous rules I’m talking about, read Leviticus and Numbers.

  3. HandofCrom says:


    There is just as much reason to be Pastafarian as there is to be christian. Both have exactly has much supporting evidence, though to be honest, our Holy Book has more internal logical coherency than your bible, though both rest on unproven premises. On the other hand, no one has ever committed murder in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, while no abattoir or graveyard in the world could hold those murder by christians in the name of the prince of peace.

  4. http://OrigamiSquared.googlepages.com says:

    The gospel has lots of “proof” that is just us unsound as any other religion. I won’t lecture about that because you seem to have recognized that. I am very proud and respect the “little g god” people much more than the traditional xians. If you simply believe “ah there probably something out there, but unlikely a god is what the xian, pastafarian, Jewish, or (insert any religion here) believe in” you are a Deist. That is an acceptable belief in my book, because I can see the desire to “blame” the impossibilities of the world on something.

    Sorry for the above tangent but you seemed open minded enough to listen to it. As for your “Xian for the community” thought, nothing brings people together like a good meal! Many of us believe in the FSM as a noncaps fsm, and some don’t believe in Him at all! If coming to us is too big a jump for you, there are many secular (not A-theistic, just non-theistic based) groups for socialization that don’t restrict thinking. You seem to be a very logical person and on the verge of coming to our side. Try us out for 30 days. If you don’t like us, your loving church will likely still take you back!

  5. Higgy says:

    hahahahah jesus… made me lol.

  6. Jonathan says:

    hahahahahah jesus…. doesnt make anyone…. do anything …. lol.

  7. caitlin says:

    we’re not about dismantling jesus, we’re about kansas teaching about the spaghetti monster along side intellegent design. we just want to be heard equally. we just like pirates, beer, strippers, and beleive in a speghetti monster. and who says your god isn’t made of pasta?

  8. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    Do you believe in radical Islamism – the Wahabi sect that teaches hatred to nonbelievers and spawns terrorism? No? Then why would you want to dismantle it?

    Oh! Maybe because you think it’s HARMFUL. Like replacing science with bullshit. This site doesn’t try to dismantle Christianity; just the fanatics who want ID taught in schools. We don’t need a second Dark Ages, thank you.

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