I’m a bit confused

Published August 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I’m a bit confused about this website, and maybe someone would kindly enlighten me… Why take so much trouble to try and dismantle fundamental Christianity if you all sincerely disbelieve it?

I wonder why this whole movement feels like they’re so threatened by Jesus if he’s not real.

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  1. Ich bin kein Engel says:

    I find your comment to be quite ironic.
    Christians get so uptight and offended when you say that Jesus wasn’t real or wasn’t the son of God. The say Mohammed was a false prophet or that Buddha was a joke. Christian “scholars” spend an ungodly amount of time debunking “alternative” religions and spend an equal amount of time ridiculing them. Now, why would Christians spend so much time trying dismantle other theories if they were absolutely positive that they were false? If Christians are so certain that Christ DID live and Christianity is tru, why do they try so hard to deny any other theory, such as the Creation as told in the Rig Veda, or the myths of Rome and Greece? For Christ’s sake, people! This whole thing was meant as a joke! As a way to to how people that you can’t exclusively teach the creation of one religion and not any others.

  2. X3M says:

    Show me hardcore proof of your so called FSM, and I’ll become a pastafarian tonight. Or now. Cause you’d be the first religion to like, show any fuckin proof of this godly power. If you can’t manage, then sorry I’m gonna remain a Christian since you’re just as bad. Besides, Christianity is about loving each other not loving our god (note that I’m writing god in small caps on purpose). You try to make your FSM look powerful and the only one with the power to forgive, when infact a real loving god, would come down to our level and experience our own pain and sufferings, not touch me with his noodles hands cause i dont know jack shit about him. Want me to learn about him? Tell him to come over to my place for a chat.


  3. Sarah says:


    Either you completely missed the point of this website, or you’re just messing with us. Ether way, your post made me sad :(


  4. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    Hey, we Pastafarians love each other! At least, I’d like to, after seeing pictures of some Pastafarian wenches about a month ago!

    So, X3M, if that is your real name – you say “a real loving god, would come down to our level and experience our own pain and sufferings”. Didn’t your god know what pain and suffering was BEFORE he plagued humanity with them? Besides, the FSM isn’t masochistic like that.

  5. Gnocci Man says:

    @ X3M

    Maybe you missed the point of this religion. Try reading Bobby Henderson’s letter to the Kansas school board; if that doesn’t make things clear, I don’t know what will.

    How are we just as bad as Christians? And if we were, why would you still prefer christianity, seeing as we would be on the same level? Anyway, nobody has ever died as a result of Pastafarianism, something very few religions can claim, christianity and its relations least of all. If your god has been kind and forgiving, then the bible is most certainly false. Just read it, you’ll see. If the basis of Christianity is loving one another, then please explain so to the thousands of Christians who vehemently disagree. Like the ones showing up on our hate-mail board, the ones who strongly discriminate against those who:
    Are homosexual. Are of a different religion. Are atheists, like me. Think that women should have the right to choose. Think that stem cell research should be allowed. Think that seperation of church and state should exist. Et cetera.
    I believe that the power to forgive is present in everyone, that we should all try to get along, that peace will exist once the human race gains the collective maturity to actually look at itself clearly, that religions are wholly unecessary, and that good pasta is one of the great joys of existance.

  6. mv says:

    X3M instead of being an angry Christian you can learn to read. That is how knowledge is gained. Unlike Christianity we love all and don’t cause pain and suffering like your religion. (can we say crusades, spanish inquisition). By the way, a real loving god would not cause pain and suffering. Every time you have pasta there is your proof. Also you got it wrong. If you read what we are about it CLEARLY states you do not have to convert. Unlike Christianity we take you as you are and you don’t have to give up your own religion. What is very sad in your own words “You don’t know jack shit” about satire. Very Very sad.

  7. Stereotypical Environmentalist... says:

    To XM3:

    I do hope that you come back and read what people have to say. First of all, I would like to clear up a common misconception; we Pastafarians do not strive to convert anyone to Pastafarianism. Instead we just want to be accepted, like you want to be accepted as a Christian, I am sure. I, too, believe that God is unimportant in most religions (notice that I am writing “God” with an uppercase “G” as not to offend anyone to whom God is especially important).

    Also, not to criticize, but I do not believe that you do have any proof of your own religion but faith, which, if you ask me, is good enough a reason; however, that is no reason to rebuke anyone else’s faith in whatever he or she has faith.

    I only say this because you ask implicitly for His Noodliness to visit you, specifically (perhaps sardonically). In any case, I can be almost certain that most Christians are not Christians because they have had coffee with Jesus, but because their parents are Christian. Of course, just because Jesus has not visited them gives them no reason to disbelieve; similarly, no visit from His Noodliness should leave no greater disbelief in you. After all, the universe is vast (infinitely, according to current physics; that being said, there is a one in infinity chance that any diety be able to find a person in the universe).

    The main point is, please be tollerant of us; we tollerate you quite peacefully.

  8. Proud Atheist #3247 says:

    They are not denying the existence of God. They are mocking the ludicrousness of so-called “Intelligent Design”, which is no more scientific than the hypothesis that the Big Bang was the Buddha lighting a fart. Going on a counter-offensive.

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