I’m a bit confused

Published August 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I’m a bit confused about this website, and maybe someone would kindly enlighten me… Why take so much trouble to try and dismantle fundamental Christianity if you all sincerely disbelieve it?

I wonder why this whole movement feels like they’re so threatened by Jesus if he’s not real.

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  1. Dadeolus says:

    Could it be because all religions (except FSMism of course) are destructive and deep down come from a position of hate?

  2. Wench Nikkiee says:

    “Why take so much trouble to try and dismantle fundamental Christianity if you all sincerely disbelieve it?”

    So you think anyone worshipping a different deity to xtianity’s version of god is trying to dismantle xtianity? You sound rather insecure in your own beliefs.

  3. Red Dutchpasta Wench says:

    I don’t feel threatened by jesus, I do feel threatened by the people who believe he is god/ son of god. And who believe I should do so too. Who feel that their religious ideas should be taught in SCIENCE classes. That their religious ideas somehow oblige me to live in a certain way.
    THAT I am against and always will be. They are welcome to believe their fairytales, if only they’d keep them to themselves instead of pushing it on everyone (or trying to anyway).
    “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.”

  4. Dave C says:

    Well im sorry to say you sound like another mis informed christian. :( For some reason you seem to think that to really disbelieve in something you need to believe in it frist. What your saying is if you take time trying to disprove something you HAVE TO believe it. Think of it this way if you spent time trying to prove that the FSM would that mean that you believe it… of course not.

    Next you said we feel threatened by jesus NO. We are not threatened by something that is not ture. The thing that we are threatened by are people like you (fundamental christians) that want to hold back humanity with your dark age thinking and sudo science, halting advancement in our knowledge and technology.

  5. daqq says:

    Well, it’s more of a protest against mandatory indoctrination of children which go to school seeking knowledge and end up being taught from some fantasy book.

  6. Barelysane says:

    1. Check out the definition of “satire” in a dictionary.

    2. This site does not try to dismantle Christianity, but it does take a pop at the dogma and hypocrisy of all religions. Many people on this site don’t have a problem with religion as such, and some like me truly loathe it and think the world would be a far better place if we’d never come up with the idea and would put even half that wasted effort into believing in ourselves and just trying to get along with each other. But even people like me don’t post on religious websites or go door to door to try to get them to see my point of view.

  7. Barelysane says:

    Actually thinking about it a bit more, confusion is a good thing. Now start asking yourself questions about your assumptions that led to the confusion.

  8. Mac N. Cheez says:

    If you take some time to read the website you will see that this “movement” was designed not to attack xtianity, but to oppose religion posing as science in a US classroom.

    As much as fundamentalists would like to disagree, we still live in a secularist society with a constitution that protects it’s citizens with freedom of religion as well as freedom FROM religion.

    And we feel no more threatened by jesus than we do by the easter bunny, santa claus, Zeus or Thor.

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