Heavenly Bloom

Published August 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

An email from Pastafarian Haley:

I was recently on one of my favorite websites, graphjam, when I saw an advertisement on the side that looked very much like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


I clicked on the link and started browsing the bloom teas …


when one caught my eye. Ironically enough (or not ironically, this is the way the Flying Spaghetti Monster wanted it) it was the one called “Heavenly Bloom”. Heavenly. And it looked JUST like the Flying Spaghetti Monster!



Here’s the link to the Blooming Teas.

10 Responses to “Heavenly Bloom”

  1. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    I just don’t want to see a bunch of Pastafarians kneeling, crying and praying in front of a flowerpot. That is the most idiotic manifestation of religious zealotry; that your almighty god would ignore what’s happening in Darfur, for instance, to cast his image into the frost of a supermarket’s frozen food door. Laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic!

  2. Darwin'sMonkey says:

    I love how the evidence just piles up and xtians refuse to believe!! Notice also in the description that it “is the highest quality”, the FSM doesn’t play around, glad to see that he took the time to spread his noodlieness to beverages that you can enjoy with your pasta… I’ll have mine with a splash of rum arrghhhh

  3. seanpboyd says:

    Haley, this must be something like what Xtians feel when they see the face of Jesus in a tortilla. But way, way better. Thank you, and RAmen!

  4. Pirate Waardie says:

    How much more proof do we need of FSM’s existence!?!
    Nice Spotting! xD

  5. Dutch Believer says:

    Heavenly Bloom ?…………Coincidence? I think not.

    From Holland with love,…RAmen

  6. PirateFridge™ says:

    Marvellous! I don’t see how anyone can dispute His existance when evidence is just flooding through one’s eyes.

  7. Ships Cat says:


  8. Vronwe says:

    It’s a sign!!!

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