Court date set for Green Bay nativity scene lawsuit

Published August 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Some of us what happened last Christmas when Green Bay city officials installed a Christian nativity scene atop a public building. Drama ensued when the city would not allow displays representing other religions – including the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They mayor referred to a proposed Pastafarian display as “silly”. (Clearly he hadn’t seen my schematic (below)).

Now the city of Green Bay is being sued. Not by us – by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The Madison-based foundation and 14 local residents are suing the city of Green Bay, Mayor Jim Schmitt and former City Council President Chad Fradette over the display. The lawsuit claims the display depicting the birth of Jesus violates the Constitution as a governmental endorsement of religion.

I can’t get too worked up about any of this. I’m sure most of us Pastafarians are not offended by Jesus displays. I assume that most Christians would enjoy a festive Pastafarian display. If we’re going to allow one religious display, why not allow them all? What’s the problem? Who doesn’t like pirates and strippers?


Maybe Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt just doesn’t understand what a wonderful belief system we have. I can’t help but wonder if this all could have been avoided if we had done more evangelizing.

I suppose the Mayor will be busy for a while battling for his right to endorse Jesus with government resources, but after this lawsuit dies down maybe we can convert him to the one True religion.

You can read more about the lawsuit at the Chicago Tribune here.

41 Responses to “Court date set for Green Bay nativity scene lawsuit”

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  1. incognito says:

    @ the jesus nativity scene
    this is crap, the constitution protects freedom of religion, and this is practice of religion

  2. Noodly0ne says:

    t A=()) {separation of church and state, my ass) I am now ashamed of green bay.

  3. aadfdsa lkjhgghj says:

    Tcht, tcht. Yet again with the strippers. Just too saucy. The gospel according to the Open Letter to the Kansas School Board says nothing about strippers. Sexism run amok, destroys the very arguement you are trying to make.

  4. Dan says:

    OK… question what happened to the pirate ship we in Mexico (Pastafariasn) are waiting for the pirate ship we want to get drunk on RUM, eat pasta like crazy and dance with the holy strippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    of course using pirate regalia THERE IS NOT OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!

    If you need a place for the FSM scene you can use my lawn :D

  5. Patience says:

    As an Episcopalian, I’m offended by the fact that that Nativity scene seems to include the garrotting of the Christ Child.

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