Berlin Pastafarians find publicity

Published August 25th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Dylan found this article published in the Berlin Kurier. Amazing!

Here’s a translation:

Spaghetti Monster, Have Mercy

Pastafarians celebrate their fun religion in pasta masses

Friedrichshain (place): They say that they believe in the power of the internet, beer and stripper factories and that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the Earth. Millions of Pastafarians worldwide worship their god. In Berlin and Brandenburg almost 500 young people perform a pilgrimage regularly to pasta masses.

The community in pirate costumes stand with a set expression in the living room, say a civil “Our Monster” open their mouth to receive spaghetti and beer from their priest. 10 minutes later the religious speech is over, the three youths hungrily eat bolognese in silence. A typical evening watching television begins. Have these lads got pasta on the brain?

Brother Spaghetti alias Rainer Weida (57) explains “we want to use our mostly public masses to criticise every form of religion.” In East German times the teacher complained already about the “misuse of faith by the Church to hold power”. His club modelled on that of spoof prophet Bobby Henderson, who campaigns in Kansas against the free churches, has 20 members in Berlin and in the whole of Germany 500,000. The goal “is to make sects and fanatics think through pasta.”


First the mass, then the evening meal. The community enjoys their favourite meal – two meatballs with spaghetti.

Priest Captain Nodus alias musician Wolf Weida (35) divides the spaghetti offering between the young people.

Top picture: the Monster.

27 Responses to “Berlin Pastafarians find publicity”

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  1. Marcus Aurelius says:

    That is more than awesome

  2. Darwin'sMonkey says:

    I tried not to use foul language…. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!! it didn’t work.
    His beautiful appendage has taken eastern Europe by storm

  3. Steve L says:

    Wait, I’m a vegetarian (or I try to be … sometimes I sin) — can I still be a pastafarian or do I have to form my own sect?

  4. Liony Goodness says:

    Wow that’s awesome! Worldwide pirate, spaghetti, beer, stripper, migit, madness. I love it!

  5. Sean Boyd says:

    Seine nudele Güte breitet weltweit aus. RAmen!

  6. PirateFridge™ says:

    RAmen, German brethren and sistren! I wish this paper had been out when I went to Berlin. Would’ve wiped the smiles of my antipastaist associates.

  7. Darwin'sMonkey says:

    Steve L … His noodly appendage touches all so that guilt doesn’t exist, don’t sweat it, enjoy what you want as long as it involves beer and strippers , or just t.v. and chinese, no pressure! That’s the beauty!\

  8. pastamasta says:

    Thank you,thank you to all of our European brothers and sisters who have thrown thenselves into the Great Pot of Sauce.

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